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Belgrade resident and football fan, Ivan has been welcoming travelers to Serbia since 2017 to show off Belgrade’s football scene and local culture. Ivan’s absolute highlight? The eternal derby of Belgrade.
After this first trip to Argentina with Homefans, Lee started to host travelers in his own country. As a passionate Celtic fan, he welcomes people to the United Kingdom to share stories about his club and their famous rivalry with Rangers.

Day Tour FAQs

What are Homefans Day Tours?
Homefans Day Tours are sports-related activities/tours (match day and non-match) designed and led by inspiring locals. They are the true heroes, showing guests the love for their football club and city. You can browse all types of Homefans Day Tours. You meet and greet with a World Cup Champion, UCL Winner, check our the best stadium tours, discover amazing murals and graffiti, drink local beers at the supporters hours and many others. All experiences are reviewed by Homefans to make sure they meet our experience quality standards.
How do I book a day tour?
You can use the Homefans website to book a day tour. When you open the website, look for the Day Tours section. Then, choose a specific city and dates, or browse through all experiences. Before you book a Day Tour, please be sure to review the guest requirements and any other requirements specified by the host.
What is included in a Homefans Day Tour?
You’ll find info about what is or isn’t included by your host on the Day Tours page. What's included varies for each day tour. Accommodations are not included with a match or non-match day experiences. Homefans Originals (Long-haul and weekend trips) do include lodging, meals, and activities. Check in the What’s included section of this page to find out what to expect.
Can I book a day tour for a private group?
On the Day Tours section, when you find the experience you want, please check and select the dates you want to attend. Enter the number of guests to check the maximum number allowed. To make sure if you are able to make a private group booking or customise the day tour for you, you can message the host. Whether a host offers private groups or not is at the host’s own discretion.
Can I bring extra guests on a day tour?
No. You can’t bring additional guests unless they have also booked a spot on the day tour. Hosts have the right to turn away any guest who has not booked their spot through Homefans.
Are children allowed on day tours?
Hosts decide whether or not children can attend their day tour. In the day tour description, the host will specify whether or not the day tour is suitable for children and how old children must be to attend. All children or guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by their legal guardian.
Should I tip my host?
It's up to you. Your host set a price they expect that will fully cover your day tour. We suggest you research cultural hospitality norms in your destination. If you want to show appreciation for your host, write a review encouraging other guests to book their trip.
What happens if a host cancels my day tour or event?
While extremely rare, if a host needs to cancel a day tour or event, you'll be notified as soon as the cancellation is reported. You’ll be refunded in full. We take host cancellations very seriously. If your host cancels, they may receive a fine or their experience could be suspended, outside of accepted exceptions and pending a review of their account.
Can I buy a day tour for someone else?
Yes. At Homefans, we love to host important surprises, such as birthdays, stag do's and other types of celebrations. Once you have booked your experience, please let our team know as soon as possible and provide all the details of the guest, so we can make the necessary arrangements.
Can I chat with my local host beforehand?
Most definitely! All local hosts are available to message online. You can forward your questions or suggestions to them.
How do I pay for my Homefans Day Tour?
You can pay for your booking safely during the checkout. To pay for your bookings, please select your preferred payment method when requested. You can pay for your experience through Credit Card, PayPal and Ideal. To facilitate your payments to the host, Homefans will act as a commercial agent on behalf of the host. Once you made the payment (full payment in advance), you will be discharged from your payment obligation to the host.