Homefans LTD
Company Number – 09737660
Registered – England & Wales
VAT number – n/a
Trading name – Homefans ltd
Website – https://homefans.net
Registered Address – 81 King Street, Manchester M2 4AH, United Kingdom


At Homefans the most important thing for us is the service you receive from us. We will go above and beyond the level of service normally offered by tour operators to leave you feeling like an honoured fan. We don’t want you to worry about anything, that’s our job! And have an authentic football experience.

The terms and conditions are set out here, please read them and assure yourself of our commitment to you and your football journey.


The General Terms and Conditions, outline the relationship between Homefans Limited and our contractual partners referred to as “guest” throughout this document, concerning the provision of travel services. The ‘Guest” is stated in this contract may also be an agent who is purchasing these services on behalf of their clients. It is the responsibility of the Agent to pass on the details in this document to their clients and Homefans will not be held responsible should any client of an agent not be aware of all terms and conditions of their booking as outlined here.

Homefans Limited provide our services exclusively on the basis of our terms and conditions unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

The general terms and conditions shall apply as long as they are not changed, for all individual contracts between Homefans and the other party (“guest”).


There shall be no contract between Homefans and the other party (“guest”) until Homefans has received a signed booking form and payment of the deposit as shown on the payment schedule and invoice.

The trip contract is made by Homefans with the person who signs the booking form, even though payments may be made by others, and every person signing the booking form is fully responsible for the trip contract.

Your trip contract with Homefans is made up of the following:

These terms and conditions
The booking forms
The payment schedule and invoice
The itinerary


Homefans is proud to use only quality and personally selected accommodations for our trips. We will always use hotels of the rating as stipulated in our itineraries. Most trips with Homefans will start at a prearranged hotel as stated in the Trip Voucher, which will be sent to guests upon their booking. Most hotels expect departing guests to vacate rooms by 11 AM and arriving guests to check-in after 3 PM to allow for cleaning and maid service. We are very happy to arrange extra hotel nights before or after your trip, please let us know if you would like to arrange this.


If for any reason Homefans has to cancel a planned trip departure, for example, due to minimum guest numbers not being met, then we will either refund the guest or transfer the deposits made by the guests to another trip departure. In the unlikely instance that a Homefans football trip is canceled the guest will be notified as soon as possible, and if the guest requests a refund then a 100% refund will be given of payments made by the guest to date.


We are always keen on preparing and providing the best football adventures for you. You just need to get ready end enjoy the trip of your lifetime. On the other hand, we expect that all guests and travelers follow the payment and cancellation policy..

First and foremost, you can secure your spot by paying a deposit. Usually, it is a 30% of the full amount, unless stated differently in the tour page (for trips where the deposit is higher than 30% or it’s a full payment only trip).
The next step is paying the rest (full amount). We will remind you at the latest 45 calendar days before the trip and you will have more than enough time – 1 week – to carry out the remaining payment. In that sense, between 45 and 38 calendar days before the trip, you tick off the payment from your checklist, and you can start warming up and packing your stuff.  If you fail to pay the remaining amount 7 days after we send the payment link, we have the right to cancel your booking and deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
Cancellation with a deposit payment
If after paying a deposit you find out that unfortunately, you have to cancel your trip, and let us know  45 or more calendar days before the trip starts, you will be able to transfer your non-refundable deposit to another trip.
On the other hand, if after paying a deposit you cancel your trip and let us know about it 44 or less calendar days before the trip, your non-refundable deposit cannot be transferred to another trip.
Cancellation with full payment
In case you have already paid full amount on time, and then have to cancel your trip, if you let us know about it 30 or more calendar days before the trip starts,  you will be able to save and transfer your non-refundable deposit to another trip. Otherwise,  if you let us know about the cancellation 29 or less calendar days before the trip, we can transfer 10% of the full amount to another trip.
Lastly, if you pay a deposit and secure your spot, but then have to cancel the trip and fail to inform us about it and communicate (we are always available for you), your non-refundable deposit cannot be transferred to another trip and you will be taken off the list for future Homefans trips.
Special considerations
To further clarify this, once deposit payments have been taken, refunds cannot be given under any circumstances. Wherever possible we will attempt to transfer payment to another tour however certain aspects of the trip package (which may be supplied by other suppliers) are not refundable or transferable. Each guest situation will be handled separately and may differ depending on the above-mentioned conditions.

In an event of a guest cancellation causing a reduction in group size, corresponding deposits of canceled guest(s) blocks are non-refundable and non-transferable (e.g. to the balance of the remaining group). If cancellation by one or more guest(s) alters the room requirements of the remaining guest(s), those guest(s) still traveling must pay the revised rate. We regret that we cannot make exceptions in any circumstances. If you fail to pay the remaining amount 7 days after we send the payment link, we have the right to cancel your booking and deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable


When we book a ticket for you, our responsibility is limited to the arranging of the tickets. We do not have any responsibility for the supply, provision or conduct of the event itself, and those responsible are not our suppliers. The tickets may contain important information and conditions, which you must read carefully. Tickets are non-transferable unless otherwise stated. Unfortunately, whilst rare, events can be canceled, postponed, rescheduled, abandoned or curtailed at short notice or even without notice. We make every effort to obtain and pass on to you up to date information regarding events, players, and tour leaders. This information is based on details supplied to us but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or that changes will not occur. The cancellation of an event or other changes is entirely outside our control and outside our contractual responsibility and we cannot accept any responsibility for them.

We cannot, therefore, accept any responsibility or pay any refund, compensation or another sum for any changes in or cancellation of any advertised or confirmed program or itinerary, even where this involves the cancellation of an event that may have been your main reason for making your booking. We will always do our best to find a suitable alternative, but cannot promise to be able to do so. If however, we obtain a refund from the organizer, this will be passed on to you.

All of the tickets purchased directly from Homefans are authentic and obtained through the official channels. In some cases, tickets may be in the form of season ticket cards, and clear instructions regarding the safe return of the tickets after the game will be supplied to you. Returning the tickets is your responsibility and in the case that they are lost or stolen then please contact us immediately.

In some cases, the Company will send you important guidelines regarding the rules of conduct in a specific event by e-mail. The Company will not be liable in the case that you have been denied admission to an event or removed from the stadium due to non-compliance with these guidelines.

In cases you were provided with a season ticket or a member card (plastic card), you are obligated to return the card in accordance with the instructions provided with the plastic card or given by the Company. In case you failed to do so, for any reason whatsoever, the Company will charge you for the cost of issuing a new member card and for all damages caused as a result of not returning the membership card according to the instructions.

Re-sale of tickets or temporary season ticket cards is strictly prohibited. We accept no liability for the cancellation or alteration of an event. No refund or compensation or other sums will be paid by us if we are unable to retrieve this from our suppliers. In some cases, we will not be able to alter arrangements and we will continue to supply the original travel services that we have agreed to supply you. This applies even where there has been the cancellation of an event that may have been your main reason for booking.

In addition to the above, please also note the following important information:

a) Stadium / Venue Admission and Facilities Admission to stadium/venues is controlled by the match organizer, stadium officials and/or the police. Where we provide you with a ticket for an event, our responsibility is limited to the provision of the ticket itself and this does not guarantee your admission to the stadium. Your actions or behavior or the behavior or actions of others may result in you being denied entry to the stadium/venue. Such circumstances are beyond our control and we accept no responsibility if this happens. We accept no liability whatsoever for either the quality of any event or stadium/venue facilities or for any injury sustained in the stadium/venue or in the vicinity of the stadium/venue or during the event (except where such injury is caused by our negligence). Stadium and Ticket regulations apply which will be stated on your ticket or available on request from the match organizer.

b) Replacement Tickets Event organizers, clubs, stadiums or Homefans LTD will not issue duplicate/replacement tickets. Homefans LTD accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.

c) Club/Association Membership Requirements. The issuing of event tickets may be restricted to supporters who satisfy certain eligibility criteria as determined by clubs or associations connected with the event. We do not determine your eligibility for tickets but we have the right to refuse to accept a booking or cancel a confirmed booking where you have failed to comply with any club/association membership requirements advised to us by the club/association. Cancellation can be made any time up to the event and any refunds will be at the discretion of Homefans LTD depending on whether Homefans LTD has incurred costs in relation to the booking.

d) In some instances at our discretion, you may receive match tickets in an upgraded section of the stadium. An upgrade is defined as a ticket in a higher category to the one you have purchased and may not be in the same area of the stadium you originally purchased tickets.

e) Seating for most matches is guaranteed in pairs. We will endeavor to seat larger groups together but this is not always possible and we accept no responsibility for groups not seated together.

f) We endeavor to provide you with the latest seating plan for each stadium with the correct seating categories displayed. From time to time event organizers may change the seating categories before the event at their discretion which may affect the location of your seats.


All guests attending a Homefans trip are required by our conditions to hold personal travel and health insurance.

If an accident occurs on a Homefans trip, for which gross negligence on the part of Homefans is deemed to be the cause then Homefans will pay an amount of compensation which will be negotiated and agreed. Each case would be agreed separately with the guest and the situation taken into account.


Complaints must be brought to the attention of Homefans at the time. We can only resolve any complaints if they are brought to our attention. Failure to bring any complaints to our attention at the time may impact the validity of a claim made at a later date against us. If the client’s complaint cannot be resolved on a trip, then any claims against Homefans must be filed within 1 month of the completion of the trip.


Homefans LTD is obliged to provide our trip services as outlined in the travel itineraries, and the guest has the right to complain if we fail to do so. However, due to the provision of some third party services within our packages, we cannot take responsibility for changes that must be made in circumstances outside of our control. We also cannot take responsibility for alterations to the trip itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters.

Homefans LTD will do its best to operate all tours as advertised, it reserves the right to change and correct errors in any of the facilities, services, prices or itineraries described in quotations or our website at any time before or after your booking is confirmed

We want all of our guests to have the best experience possible when on a Homefans trip. However, you are responsible for your own actions. You must hold personal travel and health insurance to attend one of our trips. Homefans, our ambassadors and support staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced from the time of departure to time of return arising out of any such event organized by Homefans.


In order to process your booking, Homefans needs to collect certain personal details from you. These details usually include the names and addresses of party members, credit or debit or other payment details and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition that may affect the football trip arrangements. We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information.