We believe sharing creates a better football community. Homefans is about sharing your football experiences, your journey and your home with fans of your favourite club. On Homefans you are helping individuals bring their dreams to life. Staying at a local fan’s house and enjoying a matchday guided by a local are a new way to get to know a totally new perspective of football. You help empower them to earn a living from their passion and knowledge for football. This in turn also has a positive impact on the local community by helping to keep the football culture alive and bring local commerce to neighbourhoods and towns that may otherwise not have access to capital that traditional hotels and other tourist centres enjoy.

Most importantly, members have the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge with others that have the power to inspire and delight everyone who participates. There’s no better feeling in the world than sharing in these unforgettable football moments.

Homefans has forever changed how I experience football. I now always have a friend and amazing experiences waiting for me when I visit Swansea to see my beloved club.
Jonne G.


Meeting travelling fans, welcoming guests; just opening your doors a little to other cultures and people. You can let fans stay over or show them around and become a local guide for fans of your favourite club around the world. It’s easy and it’s called hospitality. Connecting with and accepting the kindness of “strangers” strengthens our faith in each other and helps us all become better people.


Some people prefer to travel alone to see their favourite football club. Others like to share the adventure and discover the world of football together with fellow members.

Show others where you’re headed and see what their plans are for the future, also blogs help you with that. In the long run we want to create the possibility to turn the whole structure of match day experiences around. How? By making it easier for local fans to invite travelling fans of their favourite club on their way and to show them around.

Football is not only a game. Football is connecting people.
Jacob Zuma (President South-Africa during the World Cup)


You never hosted a stranger? You are not sure whether it is safe to watch a match together? In our FAQ’s we give you tips about all that has to do with hospitality. In our community you get help from our members on specific subjects.


We enable people to earn themselves an income by simply being a great fan. We help fans to connect with each other and to meet up on match days to see their favourite club. On Homefans you can experience football in a way that money can’t buy. That’s what makes us different. Do you love to meet new people and discover authentic experience through Homefans? Join our new community today and make a difference.

We appreciate and share a desire to learn about one another, about the world and the most important thing about football!


Homefans members go through an extensive evaluation so that you know you are in good hands.


Whether you’re travelling or hosting, we’re here for you before, during, and after your experience.. Email our support center anytime.


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