I cannot think of a better first time to lead a Homefans group. Rome was our destination and the ‘Derby Della Capitale’ our objective, for sure. A very exciting and phenomenal AS Roma against SS Lazio was waiting for us and Homefans couldn’t miss that game!

We were 8 people, guys from Leeds, London, Glasgow, and Barcelona. A small confident group to lead and share good memories, that at the end is what we are looking for when travelling for these games.

Despite the game was rescheduled on Saturday at 3 pm, we were getting to the Eternal City as soon as we could and finally, we managed to enjoy some beers before the game and take the taxi to the Stadio Olimpico.

From outside I can describe it as massive, you can feel the history there. The venue looks like that is taking you to another age, you see fans chanting and showing their scarves with pride. Street sellers wearing clothes as gladiators selling any Totti and Roma stuff and when you’re getting closer to the stadium, you can notice that you are attending to one of the biggest derbies in Europe.

‘Roma, Roma, Roma’ sing the local fans. The anthem is very melodic and it’s easy to follow. The Italian support is full of flags, scarves, smoke, solo choreo and pyro. Both ‘curvas’ were amazing, not stop singing during the whole game and every goal was shouted as mental. During the game, we got some beers and we were able to watch it standing with local supporters, so basically we felt it as a real experience.

After the game, we went to dinner and got for some drinks that made us meet much more and feel very comfortable with the group, sharing experiences and stories about football. The day after, we spent a great sunny Sunday in Rome visiting the Roman city and its heritage. In the end, we went to a truly Roma supporter pizzeria full decorated with Giallorossi shirts, Totti autographed memorabilia.

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