Here we talk to Dan, who recently became a Homefans host in Bucharest.

Dan gives you the inside track on his city and shares why he is so excited to become a Homefans local.

What’s your story, Dan?


I was a goalkeeper in the lower leagues, before hanging up my gloves when I came to Bucharest at 20 years old.

I then started kickboxing and won several national tournaments in my 12 years of competing. I retired from that 2 years ago and now work as a fitness instructor alongside my 9-6 job.

This year I decided to sign up as a Homefans host, and I can’t wait to get started!


Why should football fans visit Bucharest?


Bucharest is a great blend of everything. The nightlife is something to tell your grandchildren about and the food is guaranteed to make you come back. 

For football fans, there are some massive rivalries and spicy lower league games.

Also in our culture, 5 a side matches are mandatory – and visitors are more than welcome to join!

Who do you support, and what’s the biggest game?


I’m a Rapid Bucharest fan. Our biggest rivals are Dinamo and Steaua, but the current situation makes things difficult.

We’re in the 2nd division, Steaua are in the 3rd, and Dinamo barely managed to stay in top-flight. So none of these clubs are having a great time at the moment.

In fact, most of the big clubs are in the 2nd league next season. So you can expect a lot of sparks and a tight battle for promotion.

If you come to see a Rapid game with me, you won’t be disappointed!


What makes being a Homefans host so exciting?


Homefans trips are unique because they are made by the fans for the fans.

This way, local hosts like me can offer experiences and trips we know fans will love.

I can’t wait to meet my guests and make them feel at home!

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