Matheus is a passionate Botafogo fan in Rio de Janeiro. He’s been hosting travellers from around the world in Rio de Janeiro for home matches of his beloved club Botafogo.

Read more about his story in this blog on why he loves Botafogo so much and meeting like-minded fans from around the world.

My club and best memory

My club is Botafogo and my best memory was with the victory over Flamengo in 2013, with Loco Abreu’s dugout.

It was a Rio de Janeiro State Championship final between Botafogo and Flamengo, two of the most popular and historic football clubs in Brazil. The game was highly anticipated, and both teams were evenly matched.

In the dying minutes of the game, with Flamengo pressing hard for the equalizer, Botafogo’s manager, Oswaldo de Oliveira, made a bold move. He brought on Loco Abreu, a veteran Uruguayan striker, who was known for his unconventional style of play.

With just seconds remaining in the match, Botafogo won a corner. Loco Abreu, who was standing on the sidelines, was called onto the pitch to take the corner. As he walked onto the pitch, he grabbed a flag from one of the Botafogo fans and used it to celebrate his goal in advance.

The corner was swung in, and Loco Abreu met it with a powerful header that sailed into the back of the net. The Maracanã erupted in celebration, and Botafogo held on for a famous 1-0 victory.

The victory was significant for Botafogo for several reasons. First, it was their first major trophy in several years, and it helped to restore the club’s pride and reputation. And, Loco Abreu’s goal and celebration became an iconic moment in the club’s history, and it is still remembered fondly by Botafogo fans to this day.


it is a privilege and a unique opportunity to host people from around the world.

Why a Homefans host?

About being a Homefans host, I love the fact that I can be in contact with other cultures, meet new people and show what it is to truly be a Botafogo supporter.

For me, it is a privilege and a unique opportunity to host people from around the world in Rio de Janeiro and take them to Botafogo home games!

Local life

When I’m not doing tours with Homefans, I like to go to Botafogo games with my friends, I like to visit new restaurants, travel to places of natural and historical beauty and go to other teams’ games to get to know the way of rooting for each group of supporters.

What makes your city so special?

What makes my city special is the fact that its inhabitants are very receptive and lively. You don’t need much to throw a party.

All you need is a good opportunity like a football match. Another important point here is the natural and historical beauty of the city.

Exploring the city

Besides all the great things to do in Rio de Janeiro, people should definitely go to a Botafogo match. Watching a game of football in Brazil is a must during your stay in the country!

We usually say that you don’t choose to be Botafogo, but you are chosen by it.
Tip from a local

Furthermore being the most traditional club in Rio, we have our own beautiful stadium inside, with a capacity of 45,000 people. Furthermore, our fans are different.

We love receiving new people and being in contact with other cultures. We are also in a great phase, which means that most of our games are well attended.We usually say that you don’t choose to be Botafogo, but you are chosen by it. A tip? Come and join me for a Botafogo game and you will understand!

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