Matheus is 24 years old, passionate Flamengo fan and lives at São Gonçalo, which is a neighboring city just outside Rio de Janeiro. For the past two years, he’s led Homefans experiences in Rio de Janeiro and is one of our most popular guides.

I first started working for Homefans in 2018, when I met Pedro (Homefans team member) ahead of the Fla-Flu derby. I helped Homefans with the group of travelers at that match. From then on I was responsible for the match days and Ultimate Brazil Experience here in Rio!

In my daily life I study History at the university and I already work as a teacher at a school. I play electric guitar in my local church and in my spare time I practice at home. I like to read about football, Brazilian literature and international bestsellers of fantasy and sci-fi. I like to go out with my girlfriend and sometimes with friends to drink and to the gym. And, of course, go to the Flamengo matches at Maracanã.

What I like the most about Rio de Janeiro is the way of life, football, the sun and the beaches. Brazil is a country that breathes football, that eats football for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although we are in South America, football here is unique and different from all other countries. Always in the rhythm of samba and funk carioca, you will always see someone on the street wearing your club’s shirts, no matter what corner you pass. Besides that, the personal interaction and the hospitality of the Brazilian is a different point, and football is a brilliant way to make friends in Brazil.

The city of Rio is full of things to do besides football and that would require a trip with plenty of time available to enjoy everything. Among it we can list the standard tourist attractions like Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Jardim Botânico, Parque Lage, and others. Of course, the most famous beaches in the world like Copacabana and Ipanema. The trails, such as Morro Dois Irmãos, Pedra do Telegrafo, and Pedra Bonita. The nightlife is very busy in the famous Lapa, Baixo Gávea and Mureta da Urca.

I believe that football is a link that unites people from different cultures and backgrounds as if it were a common language among all. For me what makes me more excited is this exchange of experience, conversations, and the possibility of creating friendships all over the world!

The atmosphere at football matches here in Rio are festive. Fans usually have a barbecue, start drinking beer early with friends, and head towards Maracanã together. Upon arriving at the stadium, they make their pre-match with lots of music, samba and funk from Rio.

I love to show travelers how we experience a matchday here. Usually we arrive early and drink some beers with my friends and torcida’s lads on the streets around Maracanã. We don’t usually stay in bars, but there are those who stay. We prefer to take our drinks on the street with street vendors. When we are hungry, we enjoy a churrasco before entering the stadium. When the match is very important and the expectation is high, we like to have a big barbecue at home with friends and after that go to the game, already drunk.

Derby days are amazing here. Everything in town stops to see the game. All the attention of the carioca is in Derby, even if his team is not playing. Sometimes it can be dangerous because of fights between torcidas organizadas. As we say, it’s a war game!

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