In this post, we caught up with Andres – a Homefans tour host in Medellin, Colombia. Andres tells us why Medellin is an absolute must-visit for any football fan, and why he decided to become a Homefans host. Andre is a passionate Atletico Nacional fan, based in Colombia. And he has joined Homefans to host his own football matchday tours in Medellin. 

Tell us a little about yourself:

“I’m Andres, and I love Atlético Nacional. I think I was a fan before I was even born!

By the time I arrived into this world, my Grandmother and Mother had already got me a jersey and a sheet full of the signatures of every one of the players of the team that had just become the champions of South America (Copa Libertadores).

I’m a really passionate football fan, and even was a founder of the Ultras of my team! I love discussing and watching teams from all over the world, and with my partner, we have made a unique collection of more than 60 Club’s jerseys!”

What made you want to start hosting sports fans and travellers in Medellin?

“I have always thought that football and society go together. And I love sharing this ideology with guests on my matchday tours. Everything that you see in a stadium is reflective of what you see in society every day. Passion, Love, anger, corruption, forgiveness… These emotions we all experience on a matchday are like a mirror showing what we are.

I love taking people to the stadium because I am showing them much more than just the match. With me, they get to witness the true fan culture and local experience.”

Tell you a little bit about your experience:

“With my Partner Mariana and our guides Sebastian, and David, we provide a unique, local experience, where you will not only learn about football (soccer), its history, and the social implications of the sport and our players, but also have a really fun time, full of emotions and an incredible atmosphere inside the stadium!

We will go to the Atanasio Girardot Stadium to see a game of one of the two big teams of the city: Independiente Medellín or Atlético Nacional. 

But before getting inside the stadium, we will take you to a place where you can buy drinks, food, and the jersey of the team. Throughout the day, we will also explain to you about the history and relation that the society of Medellin has with football life!”

We are delighted to continue growing the Homefans marketplace with unique football experiences around the world, hosted by passionate local storytellers like Andres, who will be delighted to welcome you to their city. You can check out Andres’ Medellin Football Tours here.