Homefans day tours are one-of-a-kind sports activities designed and hosted by passionate fans. Unlike a typical tour, these day tours go beyond the activities themselves. They offer a deep-dive into the local host’s world through their passion. Hosts offer their guests special knowledge,  and inside access to local places and football communities that travellers couldn’t find on their own, creating lasting connections, friendships and memories.

You can find these tours all over the world, with activities ranging from match day experiences to all access tours. Because they take place in a single day, our Day Tours give you:

  • more time
  • more flexibility
  • and more choice

There are already over 140 Day Tours available on Homefans. So you’re never too far from a slice of sports culture. Here are some of the amazing things you can do on a Homefans day tours:

Experience a match the local way

Nothing beats going to a football match abroad and experiencing a whole new fan culture. With the matchday experiences, you can experience the best matches, clubs and atmospheres the local way.

As well as your match ticket and host, Homefans match days include a pre-match experience. These experiences will take you beyond the 90 minutes in the stadiums, you’ll experience the whole match day like a local.

From hidden gems to iconic derbies. From Belgrade to Buenos Aires. Be part of the incredible atmosphere in La Bombonera in Buenos Aires with locals, or enjoy a traditional Brazilian match day in Rio de Janerio. 

Match days are incredible. But catching a game isn’t the only way to explore a new sports culture.

Keep reading to see how a Homefans Day Tour can bring non-match days to life.

Explore local sports cultures

If you can’t catch a game, a Homefans day tour is a great way to soak in some sports culture. And if you are seeing a match, what better way to dive deeper?

With a Homefans Day Tour, you can:

  • Discover hidden football shrines in Rome
  • Play beach football with the locals in Ibiza
  • Take a Maradona themed tour of Buenos Aires
  • Go off the beaten track in sports capitals around the globe

And much more, with unique activities in over 30 cities worldwide. Combine your holidays with one of our local activities and make your holiday even more memorable.

Madness in Medellín: El Clásico Paisa, with Homefans

Alan, a football fan and world traveller had the fortune of being in Medellin for the El Clásico Paisa. El Clásico Paisa is the name for the rivalry between the teams of Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín. They share the Atanasio Girardot stadium, with a capacity of over 40,000. Alan joined a match day experience in Meddling and […]

A Brit Abroad, at the Belgrade Derby

I have always been sceptical about organised trips, but Homefans and local host, Andrija, couldn’t do enough. Serbia is a deeply complex nation, often understood and still shrouded in a veil of suspicion, both internally and externally. A land that is perhaps suspicious of visitors at first (they very quickly warm up), having a jovial […]

My experience at the weekend of all derbies with Homefans & Copa90

I first heard about the craziness of Argentina’s football fans from watching COPA90 on YouTube. This led me down a worm hole of countless more videos of these incredible hinchas. Despite not being able to speak a word of Spanish, I was still completely enticed by the passion and noise of the fans, just through [...]