Buenos Aires isn’t the only place to dive into Argentina’s football scene. In this guide, Homefans team member Alvaro tells us all about the football culture in his home city, Cordoba.

“Buenos Aires has the big clubs, but Cordoba makes the players”


Football fans in my region have a simple fantasy: that if the provinces of Cordoba and Buenos Aires played each other in a match, Cordoba would win.

Or even better, that a team from Cordoba or Rosario might take three points from one of the clubs in the capital.

For decades, our humid pampas in the central region of Argentina have produced quality players like Mario Kempes, Paulo Dybala, and Pablo Aimar. But this talent nearly always goes to the “big clubs” in Buenos Aires to seek their fortune.

That’s not to say our clubs aren’t big. As you’ll find out, Cordoba has a huge football culture and tradition.

Cordoba Is Home To Some Legendary Football Culture

Big clubs and crazy levels of football passion…


My city’s biggest derby is Talleres vs Belgrano. Which by the number of fans is the country’s third most important “clasico” behind Boca-River and Newells-Central.

You also have clubs like Instituto, Racing (Córdoba) and Juniors. All with great histories and big fanbases.

Everyone knows about Argentina’s passion for football. And everyone knows this passion reaches crazy levels. For instance, it doesn’t really make sense that the best and worst moments of someone’s life could take place in a football stadium.

But in Cordoba, it’s true. And if you want to see why, you should spend a weekend living football with us here.

“Cordoba is like a cultural island in the middle of Argentina”


Anyone who travels through Argentina notices that Cordoba is very different to the other areas. It’s like a cultural island or a ¨mini-country¨ inside Argentina. 

Our province is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. And three things make it stand out from the rest of Argentina: our music, our humour and our accent. 

It really is different here, and you’ll see glimpses of this everywhere you go. From the stadiums themselves to the places you enjoy your pre-match “asado” and Fernet liqueur. 

“If you want to fully experience Argentine football, pay us a visit!”


Football and football passion is everywhere here. Ever since English railway workers introduced it to our cities and streets in the late 19th century.

In the northern zone of the city, you’ll find the Mario Alberto Kempes World Cup stadium. It seats 55,000 and is public – so it’s used for derbies by whatever club needs it.

In the southern area you have Talleres’ ¨the Boutique¨ stadium. In the centre, you have Belgrano’s ¨Alberdi Giant¨ and in the traditional Alta Cordoba area you have Instituto’s Juan Domingo Peron stadium.

There’s football everywhere you look. And these clubs have produced dozens of Argentina’s best players. Including many World Champions and players that later moved to Europe.  

If you want to fully breathe in Argentine football, you need to experience the football culture in Cordoba!

Homefans Day Tours In Cordoba

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