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Rio de Janeiro Lower League Matchday Experience

5 Excellent (3 reviews) Superhost Rio de Janeiro

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English, Portuguese

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Football in Rio de Janeiro has its origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with numerous clubs and stadiums emerging in the most localities of the city. Over the decades, only 4 of them remained big and compete in Brazil’s top leagues, but the vast majority still preserve their local traditions, stadiums and culture! Come and discover with me an authentic experience and neighbourhood atmosphere in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, unlike all the glamour of the big clubs and stadiums!

Here the stories of these clubs and stadiums are preserved by the residents of these neighbourhoods and what remains of their fanatical fans. A bar with cheap beer, traditional snacks and that conversation with local fans are striking features of these games.

Most games are from the lower divisions of Rio de Janeiro, from the 2nd to the 5th division. But it may also be that we have some national level game, such as the third and fourth division and/or first phases of the Copa do Brasil. Full of great emotions, all games are from clubs considered of “lowest investment”, the typical ‘underdogs’ of Rio de Janeiro.

This experience has pick up in the city centre region or South Zone (Copacabana and Ipanema), tickets and the local guide. No need to worry about planning where to go, how to get a ticket for entrance or how to travel. We got you covered!

From the former big clubs such as Bangu AC and America FC that have already appeared in the first national division and are one of the eight clubs that have already won the Carioca Championship, to centennial and traditional clubs such as Olaria AC, Madureira EC and Bonsucesso FC! The variety of grounds that are hidden gems, the history, the neighbourhoods and the pre games experiences in our lower divisions is undoubtedly the biggest charms of visiting these clubs!

Upcoming Rio de Janeiro Lower League games available

12/05 – Riostrense v Vera Cruz (3:00 pm)
18/05 – America v Petrópolis (3:00 pm)
19/05 – Paraty v EC Resende (3:00 pm)
25/05 – Olaria v Audax Rio (3:00 pm)
26/05 – Uni Souza v Paraty (3:00 pm)
01/06 – Olaria v Duque de Caxias (3:00 pm)
02/06 – Riostrense v CAAC Brasil (3:00 pm)
08/06 – Duque de Caxias v Araruama (3:00 pm)
09/06 – Uni Souza v União Central (3:00 pm)
12/06 – Olaria v Petrópolis (3:00 pm)
15/06 – Duque de Caxias v America (3:00 pm)
16/06 – Riostrense v Uni Souza (3:00 pm)
22/06 – Olaria v Artsul (3:00 pm)
23/06 – Paraty v Vera Cruz (3:00 pm)
29/06 – America v Maricá (3:00 pm)
30/06 – Riostrense v Santa Cruz (3:00 pm)
06/07 – Olaria v Araruama (3:00 pm)
07/07 – Uni Souza v Campos (3:00 pm)
13/07 – America v Olaria (3:00 pm)
20/07 – Olaria v Resende (3:00 pm)

Note: matchs exact day and time are decided only weeks or days before the game by the FFERJ (Rio de Janeiro Football Federation). Once the information is release we can confirm which game are available. But don’t worry, bookings can be made up to 24 hours before the game and you can also request something special, just send a message.

Organized by

Matheus Morais

Homefans SuperHost

Member Since 2020

87 Reviews

Experience organized by Matheus Morais

Homefans SuperHost

Verified Homefans Host 87 Reviews Hello, I'm Matheus Morais! A passionate 28-year-old Brazilian football fanatic residing in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. As an avid traveler, I embrace the joy of exploring new destinations, indulging in delicious cuisine, savoring refreshing beers, and immersing myself in the world of sports. Above all, my heart beats for Flamengo, the illustrious powerhouse and the pride of Brazilian football. Since my childhood, I have been a devoted supporter, cherishing the exhilarating moments in the stands as I cheer on my beloved team. Professionally, I'm honored the Brazil's Manager of Homefans, where I channel my deep love for the game by curating exceptional experiences for fellow football enthusiasts! Since 2018, I have led enthusiastic groups, guiding them to the finest areas and football matches in my extraordinary city, ensuring they soak up the electric atmosphere and witness the sporting magic firsthand. Through my role, I aim to unite passionate fans from around the globe, enabling them to forge unforgettable memories while immersing themselves in the rich culture and vibrant energy that football brings. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we celebrate the beautiful game, explore new horizons, and create lasting connections through our shared love for sports!


  • Attend a thrilling lower division match
  • Traditional pre-match with local fans
  • Get to know the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and its unique way of living
  • Learn more about Rio de Janeiro’s football history and culture

What you get

  • Match ticket
  • English speaking Local Host
  • 2 beers
  • A local pre-match experience
  • Transport
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance


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Greg Matthews



This was not the first time I’ve used Homefans. For a non Portuguese speaker, going to a game in Brazil would have been problematic. However, once again the matchday experience went smoothly. My family & I met Matheus in Ipanema & we travelled to the game (7 de Abril v Serrano) together. Our guide, Matheus, is knowledgeable, charming & very funny & my family have loved his company. We did many, many things in Rio, and the home fans matchdays were the highlight.
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Greg Matthews


Wonderful experience

I’m in my 50s & all my life I’d wanted see football in Brazil. I went to see Portuguesa RJ v Sampaio CorrêaSampa & it was worth the wait. Our guide was Matheus & he was amazing. He was very attentive & made contact with me from the time of the booking process right up to the day of the game. Matheus was so good I’d say he was the best guide I’ve ever had on any tour. The experience was so good I’ve booked another match a few days later. The great thing about these trips are you are with local people in places most tourists do not visit. On the day of the game the locals loved it that “gringos” had travelled to see their team & we were treated like celebrities by the Portuguesa fans. Thank you Matheus & Home fans for making this dream possible.
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Matt Barnes



It's true to say the lower leagues in any country showcase the past, the culture and the heritage of superstar football that we know and love. This your gave me the knowledge of just that. Matheus may be a Flamengo fan, but he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the clubs that paved the way. Also, the stadiums are like living museums. The football itself may not be tiki taka, but that's charming in its own way, and let's face it, we don't go to stadiums to watch a match. Go, you will not regret it!
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Organized by

Matheus Morais

Homefans SuperHost

Member Since 2020

87 Reviews