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Hi, my name is Fabio_N

Localhost since Aug 26, 2020


Hi! My name is Fabio and San Lorenzo is a part of my life.
Since I was born, I've live in Boedo, the neighborhood of San Lorenzo.
I`m a tourist technician and a sport journalist and these two professions are mixed to provide awesome local experiences. I know secrets, curiosities and the history of the club. I want to share with you all my knowledge to show the San Lorenzo Culture throughout the world.

Buenos Aires ,South America

I speak: English - Español - Portugues

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7 Reviews

Edwin Nieuwhof

If you love the stories and history of Argentinan Football, this Tour is for you. Fabio will tell you all the great stories of Boedo and San Lorenzo when walking next to these great murales. Thanks!

Inaki Dauwe

Time flies when you are having fun, they say. That was certainly the case for me during Fabio's walking tour through the streets of Boedo. As a 'remote' supporter of San Lorenzo, it was an amazing experience for me to learn more about the history of the club. From the founding father Padre Lorenzo Massa, to the Viejo Gasómetro and numerous highlights in the club's history like the Gira Europea, Los Camboyanos and the Terceto de Oro. All these aspects are covered by Fabio and the great murals in Boedo are the perfect illustrations of his narrative. Thanks to walking with Fabio through Boedo, you feel the neighborhood breathes the passion for football and you instantly understand why San Lorenzo fans want to return to its original barrio. I recommend this walking tour to every football culture fan coming to Buenos Aires!
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Cindy Lopez

Me atrevo a decir que es una de las historias de un equipo argentino más fascinantes que he conocido. Fabio, un aficionado que de manera respetuosa y con un saber impresionante te habla del club, de sus orígenes, de su papel en el barrio y tantas cosas mas. En el recorrido encontré hinchas de otros equipos, creo que eso también habla de la calidez del guía y de la riqueza en el relato en torno al club San Lorenzo. El cierre, un toque que llena el alma y recuerda que el fútbol es mucho más que un deporte.
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I must thank Fabio for sharing some of the history of Boedo, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in CABA, and its relationship with one of its most important clubs, San Lorenzo de Almagro. The tour of the murals alluding to the most important moments of San Lorenzo de Almagro is an experience worth living for a football enthusiast from anywhere in the world. I recommend it.


Fabio was an excellent guide, he brings facts and stories about San Lorenzo, which show his love for the club. The tour is very entertaining, I totally recommend it!