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Hi, my name is Liber_N

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Hi, my name is Liber. I am a sports journalist with more than ten years of experience in football soccer and other disciplines. I speak Spanish, English and some italian. I will lead you to any sports events in Uruguay.


I speak: English and spanish

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3 Reviews


This is only getting a low rating as it shouldn't have been sold as a day tour in my opinion, but rather a 2 day tour then it would be worthy of 5 stars. From leaving the hotel and getting to Montevideo it took 6 hours, with the return journey being 6 hours too. This left 3 hours in montevideo which wasn't enough time to do the tour. We managed to see 2 out of the 3 stadiums and do a quick tour of both but not the full stadium tours. Some of the group had been told the schedule was too tight before and had been given the option to book an overnight stay, but we had not, with the cost of the tour and then an additional 190 euros for ferry and coach tickets it wasn't worth it for 3 hours in montevideo. If you do this tour definitely do it with an overnight stay. Liber was a great host though and Montevideo is well worth a visit and to see the stadiums and even a game but don't do it in a day
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Thank you Tim! I am very glad you liked!


Liber picked us up at the Ferry Terminal and we went with a bus to Estadio Centenario, the national stadium of Uruguay. After a really nice tour at this beautiful stadium we went to Gran Parque Central, the stadium of Club Nacional. We were able to walk around the pitch and could see the stadium from inside, amazing! Unfortunately it was not possible to enter the stadium of Penarol, but after we drived around the boulevard of Montevideo and went to a really nice pizza restaurant! It was a really nice experience with 2 nice stadium tours and a visit to the city of Montevideo. Thankyou for everything Liber!
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