Francisco recently decided to host a Homefans tour in Bogota, Colombia.

Here Francisco tells us why he wanted to join Homefans, and why Bogota is a must-visit for any football fan.


So Francisco, how did you find out about Homefans?

I completed my Industrial Engineering degree in Bogotá and got my masters degree from University of Central Florida in Orlando – US.

I love football and as soon as I found out about HomeFans, I realised this company was making my dream and others’ dreams a reality.

As soon as I understood how ambitious they were, I wanted to host a Homefans tour!

Why should football fans visit Bogota?

Bogotá is one of the most important cities in South América. Colombians from all over the country come here to live their lives. So Bogotá is a multicultural city where you can get a taste of the whole country.

In Bogotá you can see 3 out of the four most important derbies in the country. Millonarios vs Nacional, Millonarios vs Santafe, and Millonarios vs América.

If you’re visiting Bogota, you need to see a Milonarios match!


Who do you support and what’s the biggest match?

I am a huge fan of Millonarios football club. I’m a minority partner of the team and I am a member of it’s loyal fan club.

The most important matches in Colombia are Millonarios vs Nacional and Millonarios vs Santafe. So they’re the games I look forward to every season.

In Europe, I love football clubs with big histories. So I like to watch teams like Liverpool and Real Madrid play.

Why is a Homefans trip different to the rest?

Homefans lets you find all of the important matches around the world in one place. And enjoy not only the game but everything around it.

With Homefans, a traveler can experience the real way of life in their destination. Not just the touristic version. It’s the perfect way to see a city’s actual lifestyle and culture with your local host.

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