Football and travel had been put on ice for months while the coronavirus pandemic took hold around the world. But just in time for the new season and looking ahead, Homefans reveals a brand new identity for the future.

Our first logo was created by Luke in summer of 2014. Although it served its purpose until now, we felt it was the right time to move on. 2020 has been a transformative year at Homefans. As we secured funding and evolved from a travel operator to a sports travel marketplace and have big plans for the future.

This represents a big shift for everyone involved in the Homefans project. So we wanted a new brand to fit and grow with the new Homefans.

Homefans’ old logo

New Brand Animation Video

Welcome to the new Homefans

Since day 1, our mission has been to help travelers experience football beyond the 90 minutes. We want fans to tick off their sports bucket list and meet like-minded people while they do it.

The new logo and brand had to reflect on how Homefans connects travellers with local hosts all around the world. At the same time, we wanted the brand to reflect our ambitions as a company and where we are going next.

Thanks to our friends at Trio Stories, we connected with Kuba Malicki. Kuba is a Polish designer with plenty of experience in the sports industry. When we discussed the brief, we explained to him that we didn’t want to showcase the amazing destinations or sports.

Instead, we wanted to show the human connections we facilitate between travellers and local storytellers.

Homefans’ new logo

How Kuba approached the project

“Every time I create a logo, I look to combine the characteristic features of the organization with the simplest possible graphic form.

The Homefans logo intends to symbolize the unique aspect of their journeys.

Not only can you watch a sports spectacle without fear of getting a ticket or accommodation. You can actually feel like a fan of the local team and meet people with similar passions.

To capture this, I was looking for symbols associated with locality, experience, and – above all – people.

From sketchbook to launch – How Kuba approached the project

Choosing the four key symbols

“The first of these symbols is the football jersey, which symbolizes being a fan of the club you are visiting and also serves as a souvenir of your trip.

This shirt is styled as the letter ’H’ for Homefans and the shape of the letter has been divided into two. This enables Homefans to change the color composition to suit the occasion. 

The creation of the logo

Above the jersey, I put a small circle that symbolizes an abstract ball, regardless of the sport. Because in time, Homefans will offer trips and day tours not only to football stadiums but other sports as well.

The logo also takes the form of a person’s silhouette. Because above all, the company’s offer is directed to sports fans.”

A brand that fits the new Homefans

The new Homefans brand fits our mission and values as a company. It also makes clear that people are at the heart of everything we do. From our worldwide community of sports travelers to the local hosts who offer tours on our platform.

Here are some key components of the Homefans brand:

1. Homefans connects sports fans with locals.

The new Homefans brand reflects our shift from leading tours to being a marketplace.

We aim to be the go-to sports travel platform. Where sports fans meet and book unique local experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

2. Our experiences are made by fans, for fans.

Homefans experiences are hosted by passionate local fans and storytellers.

Our hosts know what sports fans want from their trip, and do all they can to make it happen.

3. Football is only the beginning.

Homefans was formed to help football fans tick off their bucket list and meet like-minded people on the road.

As the platform grows, fans of other sports will also be able to book incredible local experiences.

What is next for Homefans?

It’s no secret that the past few months haven’t been the best for the travel industry. But we’ve used this time wisely and look to the future with confidence.

We are recruiting over new local hosts and sports fanatics worldwide to list experiences and grow the marketplace. Which will increase the number of unique experiences on our platform. As well as empowering local fans to earn money doing what they love.

As for tours and activities, we are taking bookings for trips taking place from October 2020 onwards. These include some of our popular derby day trips. And an ever-growing number of matchday and non-matchday tours listed by local hosts.

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