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Buenos Aires: Copa Libertadores Final 2024 weekend

Specific Tour Buenos Aires

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5 days / 4 nights


Specific Tour

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Max 10 people


English, Español


The Copa Libertadores is the Champions League of South America where the best of the best compete in a national tournament to see who runs the Southern hempishere. Be prepared to experience for an unforgettable atmosphere during South America’s biggest club competition final. Complete Madness & Passion. And of course, you are invited!

After a fantastic first edition in Rio de Janeiro in 2023, Homefans organises another trip for the Copa Libertadores final in 2024. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Buenos Aires as you explore the city with the option to attend more matches of other clubs. Indulge in fine wine, savory steaks, and local discoveries.

The Copa Libertadores is not just a football tournament; it’s a spectacle of passion, intensity, and unwavering devotion. Feel the electricity in the air as fans from across the continent converge in Buenos Aires to cheer on their beloved teams. Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic or simply love immersing yourself in local culture, the atmosphere of the Copa Libertadores final is an experience like no other.

Forget the stress of planning and logistics; Homefans has you covered every step of the way. From arranging accommodation to securing tickets and organizing transportation, we take care of all the details so you can focus on soaking up the excitement of the Copa Libertadores final and exploring everything Buenos Aires has to offer.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this epic adventure. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with family, the Copa Libertadores final in Buenos Aires promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So pack your bags, grab your passport, and get ready for the soccer trip of a lifetime. Vamos!


Considering joining the Copa Libertadores final trip? You can book your spots today to guarantee your places for this once in a lifetime sports event in Buenos Aires.


Spots can be booked with a 50% deposit with the remaining balance to be paid 90 days before departure.

Closer to the date, we’ll be able to share which other matches you’ll be able to attend during your stay in Buenos Aires.


CHECK IN: Friday Nov 29th

CHECK OUT: Tuesday Dec 3rd

Interested in just the Copa Libertadores Final Experience for November 30th 2024?

We’ve got it. Feel free to book it here

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  • Watch the final of the Copa Libertadores final in Buenos Aires
  • Learn more about the Argentinian football culture with locals
  • Join a group of like-minded travellers for a once in a lifetime sport event
  • Explore the city of Buenos Aires


Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires

As the plane arrives into Buenos Aires, anticipation hung thick in the air, mingling with the city's vibrant energy. Stepping onto Argentine soil felt like stepping into a world where football reigned supreme. With Homefans taking care of every detail, from accommodation to transportation, the journey ahead promised excitement at every turn.

After checking into your hotel nestled in the heart of the city, it was time to begin the adventure. Walking through the streets of Buenos Aires felt like entering a living tapestry of culture and history. The aroma of freshly baked empanadas wafted from corner bakeries, mingling with the sound of tango music drifting from nearby cafes.

Day 2: Matchday! Get ready for the Copa Libertadores final

With the Copa Libertadores final drawing near, anticipation reached a fever pitch. A guided tour of Estadio Monumental offered insight into the stadium's storied history, from legendary matches to iconic moments etched into the hearts of fans. The Football Museum of Buenos Aires provided a deeper understanding of the sport's significance in Argentine culture, with memorabilia and exhibits honoring the country's footballing legacy.

As evening fell, the city buzzed with excitement. Fans from across South America descended upon Buenos Aires, their passion palpable in the air. In the heart of the stadium, surrounded by a sea of cheering supporters, the Copa Libertadores final unfolded in a spectacle of skill and determination. Amidst the roar of the crowd, the beauty of the game came to life, uniting strangers in a shared moment of joy and celebration.

Day 3: Explore Buenos Aires' Rich Culture

The next morning, the journey of exploration continued. First stop: La Boca. Walking along the cobblestone streets, vibrant murals painted the neighborhood in a riot of color, each telling a story of the city's rich heritage. At Caminito street, artists showcased their work, while local musicians filled the air with melodies that echoed through the alleyways.

In the afternoon, a visit to Recoleta Cemetery provided a glimpse into Argentina's past. Among the maze of ornate mausoleums, the final resting place of Eva Perón stood as a testament to the country's enduring spirit. The day ended with the sultry embrace of tango at a traditional milonga, where dancers moved in harmony to the rhythm of the music.

Day 4: Free Day + Meal with the group

Today is yours to explore the city at your own pace! Take in the sights, discover local attractions, and immerse yourself in the culture. Feel free to wander through bustling markets, serene parks, or charming neighborhoods.

As the day winds down, we'll come together for a delightful meal at a local restaurant. Get ready to share stories of your day's adventures over delicious food and good company.

Day 5: Departure

As the sun rose on the final day, it was time to bid farewell to Buenos Aires. Over breakfast, memories of the journey were shared, laughter mingling with the bittersweet realization that the adventure had come to an end. With bags packed and unforgettable memories, you'll set out for one last stroll through the city, savoring every moment before saying goodbye.

As you board your flight, the spirit of Buenos Aires remained etched to your memories, a reminder of the passion and beauty that had filled their days. Though the journey had come to an end, the echoes of the final roar and the rhythm of tango would linger on, a testament to the magic of a city where every moment felt like an adventure waiting to unfold.

What you get

  • Match ticket Copa Libertadores final (Cat 2 Ticket)
  • 4 nights in 3* hotel (twin room)
  • Round-trip transportation to the stadium
  • City tour in Buenos Aires led by professional guide
  • Bilingual Trip Manager
  • "ASADO Experience" with the group
  • Extra game to be defined by fixture (Platense, San Lorenzo or Velez Sarsfield)
  • Option to upgrade to Cat 1 Ticket or Hospitality
  • Flights
  • Breakfast


Do I have to pay the full amount when I book?

You can do it if you wish.

You can also secure your spot with a deposit, and then pay the balance in up to two instalments no later than 60 days before you travel. In this way you can organise yourself and plan ahead with time!

What does an UA trip include?

An Ultimate Argentina trip on the Homefans marketplace is a carefully hand-picked experience curated by Homefans and the local hosts in the destination to offer a unique sports experience through local eyes.

It usually includes the following:

  • 3 Matchday Experiences (ticket included)
  • Twin room accommodation in a 3* hotel
  • Trip Manager
  • Local Host per game
  • Airport Transfers
  • Pre-Match Experience with local fans
  • Pre-arranged activities

You have the option to book extra activities during your stay to make the most out of your trip. You can look up here or get in touch with us.

Will we have a trip manager for the duration of the trip?

For the duration of your stay in Buenos Aires you will have a dedicated trip manager with you in representation of Homefans.  He or she will be your first point of contact before the trip takes place and throughout your stay.

The trip manager will be on hand at a whatsapp message or a call throughout your stay to help you arrange any extra activities you’d like to book, and also to help you arrange airport transfers when the time comes.

How many people will be on the tour?

The maximum number of people allowed on the trip is stated above.

However,  this number may not always be met and it may even be possible that your party is on the tour on your own.

Higher numbers make for a more sociable experience, lower numbers make for more personalised attention from your host. Look at it as a win/win!

Can I change the included matches?

The included matches are final in order to keep the group together – they have been handpicked by Homefans and the local hosts to ensure the best experience.  However,  there are extra matches that could be added throughout your stay – we will be in touch to let you know about the best deals!

Where in the stadium will we be sitting?

If we know where you will be sitting, we always mention this is in the inclusions section for each club and host.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to tell you that at the time of booking. However, our trip manager and the local hosts work tirelessly to make sure you get the best seats.

We always aim for the long side of the home supporters section.

Can I extend my stay / upgrade my hotel?

Yes, you can extend your stay by clicking on the EXTRAS section at checkout, choosing the number of extra nights you wish to extend your stay.

The Ultimate Argentina and Superclásico trips have a 3* hotel as a standard.  For a hotel upgrade, please get in touch with Homefans and we will assist you in this matter at an extra cost.

Will I have to share a room?

In order to keep competitive prices,  the trips on the Homefans marketplace always offer prices based on 2 people sharing.

If you wish to stay on your own in a single room, you may pay a supplement for a guaranteed single room. This can be found on the extras section at checkout and you can add it to the booking. You can also get in touch with us to arrange this.

What happens if I cannot travel?

If you foresee that you cannot longer attend this trip, we appreciate if you let us know with time in advance.

According to our Terms & Conditions , if you tell us 45 days before the trip starts, we can keep your deposit and transfer it to another future trip or use it as credit.  The deposit payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Why are there local hosts on the trips?

Homefans was created to address a pain point we experienced quite often. You travel abroad to watch a sporting event, yet once you arrive, you still feel like an outsider, with a lack of knowledge around the destination and the event.

The local hosts on the Homefans marketplace address this issue by becoming the local link to your trip. They enhance the experience completely, and create that necessary human connection – and will surely become friends in the future!


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