Since I was a child there is 1 thing I couldn’t get enough from: football! I visited many games in several countries in Europe, but there was 1 dream and that was to visit a football game in Argentina. At the moment of writing this story, I am honoured to say that I have visited 22 games in Argentina.

Impossible to describe all of them in this story, so I will write about the best games with the best experience. Not only in Argentina, but also in another country with a very nice football culture: Brazil

The reason why I really wanted to visit a game in Argentina is because of the football culture, the fans and all the stories I heard before. I was reading books of travel stories to Argentina, watching videos on Youtube about the atmosphere in the stadiums and after that I was 100% sure that I had to go.

My first trip to Argentina was in 2019, but it was only a few days. But the most important thing I remembered from those days, was the football culture. In every bar, restaurant, taxi or store I have been there was something about football.

If you ask someone about football teams in Argentina, they will probably say Boca Juniors or River Plate. But for me it was interesting to know also more about the other teams in Argentina and I hoped to become a fan of one of them.

I read books and watched videos and there was especially 1 club which I was really interested in: San Lorenzo. Now I have visited 4 games of San Lorenzo and for sure they stole my heart!

The Ultimate Journey: Brazil

This story goes about my trip to South America in September, October and November of 2022. My biggest hobby is to travel and I decided to make a longer trip. The first thing in my mind was to visit Argentina again, but also another country where I have very good experiences and also a country with a really interesting football culture: Brazil

I was making plans and contacted hosts on Homefans which I met in April of 2022. I was lucky I met them before and so I was able to visit again many games in Argentina, but this time also in Brazil.

My trip started in Brazil and I visited São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I was making a plan of the games I wanted to visit and I was able to visit 4 clubs: Palmeiras, São Paulo, Vasco da Gama and Botafogo. All the 4 games were excellent, but 1 club is a must to visit when you travel to Brazil: Vasco da Gama.

Vasco da Gama is a must to visit when you travel to Brazil!

São Paulo

Attending a match from São Paulo FC

I really wanted to visit São Paulo FC, especially because of their amazing stadium. I met my host João Pedro before the game and we went to the Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo, usually called Morumbi. Without doubt one of the most impressive stadiums I have been. I was the only guest of João Pedro which was really fine because we could all the way talking together about the club, history, football culture and a lot of more.

While we were walking to the stadium, you saw many fans, a lot of street food trucks, people selling souvenirs and in front of us Morumbi was coming closer and closer. Before we entered the stadium, João Pedro told me something about a few murals next to the stadium. After that we entered Morumbi, insane! 

During the game, I was all the time still impressed of the size of the stadium. It is huge and a beauty. We were standing next to the fanatic supporters who were singing 90 minutes long. The game finished in a draw, but It was a really good experience and a big game because Corinthians is one of the enemies of São Paulo. Morumbi is a must to visit and I hope to visit São Paulo FC again in the future.

Vasco da Gama

A football carnival at Vasco da Gama

A few days later I went to Rio de Janeiro. The first game I was watching there was Vasco da Gama, without doubt one of the most interesting clubs of Brazil. I met my host Guilherme and while were heading to the stadium, he told me a lot about Vasco. The stories were really interesting about the history and connection with the fans and the club.

The Estádio São Januário, I can write more than 1000 words about the stadium.

The Estádio São Januário, I can write more than 1000 words about the stadium. It is a classic, historic and beautiful stadium and the location is very interesting: In the middle of a favela. Next to the stadium there were a lot of fans with music, beer and bbq on the street. This is a cultural thing in South America and I really like it.

We entered the stadium a little earlier, because I wanted to see the stadium from inside and to have a good place to watch the game. We were standing behind the goal with the fanatic fans of Vasco. 

Without doubt this was one of the best experiences. Biggest reason were the fans. Not only the fans and atmosphere, but the stadium is also one of the most interesting ones of Brazil.  Vasco da Gama won the game with 4-1 and the fans were 90 minutes long singing, jumping and supporting their team like Vasco da Gama is the most important thing in their life, what I totally can imagine actually. Vasco da Gama is a must to visit in Brazil!

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