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Ultimate Argentina 2021: 10 Days of Football Adventure in Buenos Aires

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It’s easy to get swept away by European football; arriving, conquering and departing a destination, taking with you only a few blurred memories. But there are some places that grab hold of you, leaving marks with their rich culture and diverse sceneries. Buenos Aires is one of those destinations!

You’ve seen football matches, you’ve your own bucket list and now you are ready for the real deal, to witness the ultimate football capital with your own eyes. Few cities in the world are brought to a complete standstill when hosting a football match. Glasgow is one for Celtic v Rangers, as is Milan with the Derby Della Madonnina. However, there is one city that stands above all when it comes to witnessing a footballing carnival. Boca Juniors, River Plate, Huracán, Argentinos Juniors and more. You just can’t enough of this!

Our Argentina trips give you the opportunity to experience amazing football clubs, explore stunning stadiums, drink beers in Argentina’s finest football bars, enjoy some of the best steaks in the world, discover the Argentinian culture and enjoy the best football experience of your life. Meet the locals, enter the stadiums, and indulge in this incredible country.

Our Ultimate Argentina 2021 trips will kickstart in the first week of September 2021 and will be run on a weekly basis.

Live the unique experience of witnessing football matches in the capital of football: Buenos Aires. Sound good? Vámonos.

Ultimate Argentina 2021 dates are now available.

Need a bucket list trip to look forward to? It’s fair to say that 2021 is going to be a pretty big year. That’s why we’re temporarily giving you up to 15% off the Ultimate Argentina 2021 trips, so you don’t just have to dream about the clubs you’re going to go: you can lock in some huge savings now with a small deposit.  We will run weekly trips from September 2021 onwards.

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Check out our calendar and book your spot – loads of options for a bucket-list adventure!

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  • Enjoy the Argentinian football culture, a bucket list adventure
  • Experience Boca Juniors live at La Bombonera, the Holy Grail
  • Experience football as a local and off the beaten path
  • Enjoy amazing weather, the best stakes on the planet, and tasty wine
  • Visit Maradona House at Argentinos Juniors and Pope's Chapel at San Lorenzo
  • City Tour of Buenos Aires with local guide
  • Get to known El Monumental de Nunez and the old school stadium of Huracan


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Day 1 - Welcome to Buenos Aires!
Day 1 - Welcome to Buenos Aires!

Be prepared for the most intense and exciting football experience of your life! We are chuffed to have you with us and that is why we want to give you some bits and bots, as well as some tips for the hidden little gems you can find in this vibrant city. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and home of some of the biggest football clubs in South America. For decades it was considered the most modern capital in the southern continent, comparable to other capitals in Europe.

The city is a mixture of 4 components that makes life so special: Their passion for fútbol (and worship for their idols such as Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Román Riquelme), the nightlife full of great clubs and bars (we’ve been there, and believe, it is THE city that never sleeps) and the pleasure for eating great food and drinking wine!

Today is gathering day, people from all over the world will arrive today at different times. Regardless of that, we have arranged an airport transfer for all of you. A driver's assistant will be outside the customs area with a sign with your names, near the McDonalds in the main hall.

If you arrive in the afternoon, check-in and room will be ready. For arrivals in the morning, we will do our best to accommodate you, but please bear in mind will be upon availability. For the rest of the day, you can take it easy and recover from your long travels. At night, we will organize a steak, beer and wine welcome dinner!

Day 2 - Get to know the city
Day 2 - Get to know the city

Football? It is just passion, passion and passion. Buenos Aires is considered the capital of football in the world, holding a record of clubs playing in the first division in the same city. Boca Juniors, River Plate, Racing Club, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Huracán, Vélez. Countless clubs with a great number of CRAZY supporters, that absolutely love their clubs no matter what.

Today will be dedicated to getting to know the city more and have a nice and relaxed city tour through the main sights. We will walk at Caminito in Barrio de Boca, Boca Juniors colourful neighbourhood pack with amazing steaks restaurants, tango shops, a Maradona famous double and of course, La Bombonera! In the last time, our Dutch travellers got to meet Ronald Koeman in front of the stadium!

Then, we will talk through Puerto Madero, a posh area where the river cross and has a lot of bars to hang out for a beer in the afternoon! After that, our local host will take our group to the Recoleta Cemetery, well-known attraction because of the size and important personalities buried over there.

At night, do you fancy some steaks (of course) and wine? We will organize a group dinner!

Day 3 - Argentinos Juniors
Day 3 - Argentinos Juniors

Are you ready for some Maradone Overdose?

Today we will watch a match from Argentinos Juniors at their old school stadium, called Diego Armando Maradona. As you may know, the club was Diego Maradona's first club - he was such an exciting prospect that the club gave him a house for his family at the age of just 15 to secure his signature.

The house has now been refurbished into an homage and we'll be visiting it to get a lookup close at where 'Díos' (God), ate, slept and hopped out of his window during the night to go to the bathroom! So after meeting everybody in the hotel, we will get some taxis and go straight to this beautiful place, that will be our first stop.

After that, we will head closer to the ground to visit the fan-maintained museum of Argentinos Juniors. Over there, you will have the most amazing tour with unique memories from past glories and a lot of sections dedicated to Maradona.

Maradona obviously went on to achieve worldwide fame, but he is especially close to the hearts of the 'Bicho' (bug) fans. He never won a trophy there but scored 116 goals for them over 5 seasons and the fee of $4m (!!!) that Boca paid in 1981 was reinvested in the squad and Argentinos went on to win the Copa Libertadores in 1985.

For these reasons (and just because - Maradona), the club named the stadium after him."Argentinos Juniors is what Argentinians call "club de barrio" (neighbourhood club) so they're fans are mainly from La Paternal (you will hear this name a lot in their songs). Their stadium is very small, almost a friends & family thing, with capacity 24.000.

Now it is time for the pre-match experience! We've booked a table in a local fan-base restaurant where a set menu will be waiting for you and of course, plenty of local beers!

Now it is time for the match. Around 1 hour before, we will go to our seats and feel the local atmosphere and amazing football.

Day 4 (Optional) - San Lorenzo
Day 4 (Optional) - San Lorenzo

Day 4! With the Pope as their most famous supporter, you are in for a spiritual experience watching San Lorenzo!

Remembering our last visits to the club already give us goosebumps from watching their supporters chanting "Ohh San Lorenzo!". In the middle of a poor neighbourhood, it can't get any better, local and authentic than that. We will begin our day grabbing some taxis and going to "El Boedo", an area where their fans get together before the match and have some street food and local beers. You will be able to see a lot of painting murals with references to the club.

Then, we will visit the Pope's (San Lorenzo fan) Chapel and get to know the history behind his passion for the club. Fun thing: Viggo Mortensen, famous actor from Lord of the Rings, is a San Lorenzo supporter because he was raised close to the neighbourhood.

San Lorenzo has a selection of nicknames - Cuervos, Matador, Ciclon and Santo (crows, killer, cyclone and saint). Their supporters are one of the best in Argentina. They are very well known for their creative song lyrics using popular songs and many clubs from all over the world adapted their songs to support their own teams.

We will go inside the stadium around 1 hour before the match starts and you will have plenty of time to take photos, seat down and watch a football game!

After that, we will go back to your hotel. For the ones who want to extend the night, there are plenty of good nightclubs and our team will be helping you out with suggestions!

Day 5 - Boca Juniors
Day 5 - Boca Juniors

Dale Dale Bocaaaaaaaaaa!

The moment you all be waiting for. It is Boca Juniors day!

Get ready for the most intense day of your lives. Make sure you have a full breakfast at the hotel and stretch your legs because it will be a long walking day. First of all, we will head straight to Barrio de Boca and get inside the club's iconic stadium, La Bombonera. You will have e a guided tour through the stage of today's game and get to know the behind the scenes and curiosities regarding the mystic ground.

After the tour, we will stop by a local and authentic Boca Juniors restaurant to have a "parilla" or "asado", an Argentinian Traditional Barbecue. Bring down the bottles of Quilmes and let's have fun! Your guide will be telling and sharing stories about the club, the rivalry with their arch enemies River Plate and get yourselves ready for the match!

The club we'll be supporting is Boca Juniors - who are known as the Xeneize or Bosteros. Boca is the most famous and widely supported team in Argentina and probably all of Latin America, also internationally well-known. They are the only team to have never been relegated from the top division and are synonymous with Argentinian greats like Diego Maradona and Juan Roman Riquelme. They hold 6 Libertadores Cups and one of their greatest achievements was winning the 2000 Intercontinental Cup against Real Madrid's Dream Team (Figo, Raúl, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, McManamann, etc.).

And if that wasn't enough... Boca is the recent champion of the local league! In an epic definition, they got the leadership of the league in the last game, leaving in 2nd place River Plate! So there might be celebrations, songs and flags about the new title.

After being warmed up, we will be ready for some action. Our local guides will distribute your tickets and escort you to your gate. The stadium is always full and sold out, so we will hold our group tight and make our way to the seats. Once there, just make sure you enjoy the chants of "La 12", Boca Juniors well-known Ultras and get ready for the BEST day of your lives!

Day 6 - River Plate
Day 6 - River Plate

After a long day, the morning will be free to relax, exchange money, buy some souvenirs and jerseys from some top clubs, sit down by the river and relax while drinking some local beers. Because in the afternoon, another matchday experience will be waiting for you. It is time for River Plate!

River is known as "Millonarios" or "Gallinas" (chickens). They are the top team in Argentina, showing a level of football for the past 5 years which some say it's the best in their rich history. They have defeated Boca 5 times in a row in different cup finals and knock-out stages so the team is super confident. They have been finalists of the Libertadores Cup in the 2019 edition and won the 2018 in an epic final match vs Boca. Their coach, Marcelo Gallardo is known as "Muñeco" and is considered one of the top 3 best coaches in the world.

The Estadio Monumental - scene of the 1978 World Cup Final - has a capacity of 70,000 fans. No away fans are allowed for the past 10 years in Argentina for security reasons, so the stadium is always entirely crowded by River supporters.

We will make our way to the other side of the city. We've booked a table in a local restaurant with a set menu of steaks and beers. Expect a lot of River Plate supporters drinking and partying right next to you. After that, it is time for the match! Our local guides will escort you to your seats and make everybody comfortable for a big game.

Make sure you know some song before to keep the chants going. A funny and easy song in Spanish is: "Tomala a vos, damela a mí, el que no salta murió en Madrid", making reference to the Libertadores Final that River won last year against Boca in Madrid and claiming that Boca is "dead" after that game. Also, make sure to do a minute of silence when the crowd asks for it during a funny song against Boca!

Quick Tip for the matchday experience: Bring a jacket as we'll be spending lots of time in the open space and it gets cold in the evenings.

Day 7 (Optional) - Trip to Rosario and Newells Old Boys
Day 7 (Optional) - Trip to Rosario and Newells Old Boys

We suspect to say, but this may be your best day in Argentina! At least the past travellers have said that. As an extra matchday experience, you will have the chance to make a road trip from Buenos Aires to Rosario to watch Newells Old Boys, get to know the behind the scenes and what football is like for them. Can't get any better than that?

In the early morning, around 8:00, we will meet in your hotel and bus ride to Rosario, with one pit stop on the motorway. Arriving there, a quick visit to the Monumento a la Bandera (Flag Monument), the city's most famous landmark.

In the afternoon, around 13-14h, a private Stadium Tour with early insider access to the Cancha before it closes for pre-game preparations.

After that, full lunch at Escauriza restaurant. Rosario is famous for its river fish Boga, Pacú Pacú and Surubí, and this is one of the best places to try them! There's also a traditional Argentine meat option if you prefer. The menu includes a starter, dessert and unlimited beer/soft drinks. Wine and any other drink is extra.

Around 16:00. we will visit the Bellavista and Malvinas complexes. The former is where the Newell's first team train, the latter is where the underage players play - and incidentally, a certain Lionel Messi is still the all-time top-scorer!

At 19:00 the pre-match game starts with beers in the park. Newell's Marcelo Bielsa stadium is also known as the Coloso del Parque (Colossus in the Park), as it is located in Parque Independencia, right in the middle of the city. This makes it even better to enjoy the pre-game atmosphere. If you are still hungry you can grab a choripán or bondiola (pork) sandwich and a beer.

Before the match, on the way in you can browse the NOB club shop before taking your seat in the same ground where Maradona played for 1 season, Bielsa managed for 2, and Messi will one day return to...

The stadium is always full of capacity and you can expect an amazing atmosphere! When it finished, it is time to go home and let your adrenaline crash on the bus home. We expect arrival at 4 am.

Day 8 (Optional) - Independiente / Racing
Day 8 (Optional) - Independiente / Racing

We value our travellers and you deserve some rest after the amazing trip to Rosario. Please take the morning to stay until late in bed, because we have another day ahead!

Today we will be going with taxis to Avellaneda Area, around 30 minutes from Buenos Aires, home of Independiente and Racing Club. Please note that we will be watching one of both clubs match, because their stadium is separated by 500 meters and for security reasons, they never play on the same day.

If we go to Independiente, our guide will be Guido, a die-hard fan of Independiente who knows the ins and outs of the Stadium as well as the club's history and best players. So you'll be in very good hands.

We'll be going to Southern Buenos Aires to one of the most popular parrillas in town called "El Tano" to taste some Argentinian meat before the game. The place is super relaxed/friendly and the owner is also an Independiente fan.

Independiente is also known as Diablos (Devils), Rey de Copas (King of Cups) or simply Rojo (Red). They are one of the top 5 clubs in Argentina and the club who won the most amount of Libertadores Cups in all South America. The atmosphere is always good and when they are playing attacking football, it is very hard to beat them at home!

Fun Thing: Kung Aguero is an Independiente fan and came from their youth teams to make success in Europe!

If we choose to watch Racing Club, we make sure the atmosphere is among the best in the country. They are known as the Academia - the academy. Their fans are well known for their resilience (this is, their ability to cope with many, many years of suffering) but two seasons ago they finally won the Argentine league so the crowd has a reason to celebrate for.

Our pre-match will be in the Racing side, in a place where fans get together for some beers and burgers. Then, our guides will escort you to your seats and make sure you listen to all the chants and watch some nice football!

Day 9 (Optional) - Trip to Montevideo and Huracán
Day 9 (Optional) - Trip to Montevideo and Huracán

Today we have the chance to finish in style!

In the morning, we recommend taking the 2:30 hours early ferry to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The city is small but with a vibrant atmosphere, home of amazing steaks, wines, the beautiful large avenues surrounded by many restaurants and bars and of course, football.

Montevideo is home of two giants in the South American football scenery: Peñarol and Nacional. From a sight to another, you can see graffiti and paintings representing both clubs, which makes the city very colourful. What definitely worth is to pay a visit at Estadio Centenário - stage of the first World Cup Final in 1930 and the Football Museum. Entrance costs around 5 euros. Another stadium that you can definitely go to is the Estadio Gran Parque Central, home of Nacional. Built-in 1900, is the oldest in South America.

The grand finale is the visit to Estadio Campeón del Siglo, home of Peñarol. Renovated in 2016, the arena is absolutely beautiful and very scary for the opponents. 40,000 hinchas supporting the black and yellow colours turns into a hell for other teams. You definitely wanna go there!

Spend the day over there and get back in time for your last matchday experience, from the most old school club in Argentina: Huracán.

In the afternoon, around 18:00, we'll be heading South-West to "Parque Patricios", the neighbourhood of Huracán for their entire existence. The area is not as glamourous or trendy as Palermo or Recoleta but has been revived thanks to being designated the city's Tech Hub. We'll head to a more traditional Barrio restaurant though to grab some food and then have a drink outside where the hardcore fans gather at the top of Calle Luna.

These fans are known as the Banda de la Quema - the barnyard gang - because originally the stadium land was used for burning rubbish and old tyres.

Huracán (Hurricane) is also known as Globo (balloon). Jorge Newbery was the Elon Musk, Andy Warhol, Frank Sinatra of his time, an aviator who was so renowned in his field that he was famous all over and known by everyone, being the centre of discussion in the pages of newspapers, snippets on the radio and the gossip of Buenos Aires' cafés.

He flew his hot-air-balloon the Huracán for a record 13-hours, hence the name of the club and the nickname."

After the pre-match experience, we will go to our seats (check in the picture how old they are) and enjoy some quality time and football together.

And why not finish our night with a dinner at La Cabrera, the best steak restaurant in town? Our local host will book a table for our group. Over there, we will share stories about our trip and have amazing wine, food and plenty of beers!

Day 10 - Time to Say Goodbye
Day 10 - Time to Say Goodbye

Unfortunately, the trip is coming to an end! Our drivers will be picking you up around 4 hours before the flight departure in front of the hotel. Please make sure you are on time. If you fly in the afternoon, take some time to buy some souvenirs and jerseys for your loved ones. We hope you have enjoyed your time the most!


  • Boca Juniors Match Day Experience
  • Match Day Experience at River Plate/Racing Club/San Lorenzo/Independiente
  • Match Day Experience at Huracan/Argentinos Juniors/Banfield
  • Twin room in 4* hotel in Buenos Aires for 10 nights (11 days)
  • Daily Breakfast
  • City Tour + La Bombonera Stadium Tour in Buenos Aires
  • All matchday experiences include 1 burger and 2 local beers in the pre-match, transportation by public transport with the group and local host and local bilingual guide
  • Possibility to watch more matches in Buenos Aires
  • Return Airport transfers
  • Experienced Trip Manager and Local Host
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Flights
  • Tips

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A matchday experience includes a match ticket, return transportation, a pre-match experience with food and drinks included & a local bilingual guide.
Can I see more matches when I join this trip?
You can see more matches during your time in Buenos Aires. This trip includes 3 match day experiences and there are optional match day experiences for other clubs available once the fixtures and kick-off times are confirmed. Your local host will be in touch with you about this.
What happens if my trip gets cancelled?
If your Ultimate Argentina gets cancelled, we'll transfer your deposit / payment to another trip / date of your choice.
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We've made it easy to change your travel plans up to 30 days before your departure date. You can choose new dates or a new destination, and you won't be charged anything.
Is it safe to travel at the moment to South America?
The wellbeing of our travellers and hosts will always be our primary concern. We will send you regular updates before departure about your destination and whether it's safe to travel.

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Very Good



Ultimate Argentinië met Homefans

Inmiddels 4x met jullie op stap geweest. Het begon allemaal in maart 2019. De reis naar Buenos Aires met Home Fans. Iets wat ik als klein kind al heel graag wilde. Voetbal in Zuid-Amerika. Zelf had ik al wedstrijden in Brazilië meegemaakt, jaren daarvoor. Maar het gemak dat de wedstrijd tickets geregeld zijn maakte het voor mij een stuk eenvoudiger. Dus mijn eerste trip met Home Fans Argentinië. Met een klein groepje hebben 10 dagen vele wedstrijden en stadions bezocht. De eerste avond in de stad met elkaar een drankje gedaan. /en de volgende dag stad Boca Jr`s op het programma. Boca – San Lorenzo. Volgende dag Independiente – Aldosivi. Daarna Argentinos Jr`s – Velez Sarsfield. Omdat Home Fans een week had geboekt waarin ook wedstrijden uit de Copa Libertadores gespeeld werden, konden we ook doordeweeks naar het voetbal. Op dinsdag naar Boca Jr`s – Tolima uit Peru. Nu met uitpubliek. De volgende dag naar San Lorenzo tegen Junior uit Colombia. De volgende ochtend gingen we met de boot naar Montevideo Uruguay. Hier gingen we ook een wedstrijd bezoeken. Namelijk Penarol tegen San Jose (Bolivia). Na een nachtje geslapen te hebben gingen we de volgende ochtend terug naar Buenos Aires. Dit was een vrije dag, zonder voetbal. En nu begon het competitie voetbal weer. Dus op vrijdag naar Racing Club, die had theoretisch kampioen kunnen worden die wedstrijd. Ze traden aan tegen Belgrano. Racing won wel, en werd een week later kampioen van Argentinië. Dit was tevens de laatste wedstrijd van deze trip. 7 wedstrijden in 10 dagen. Een hele mooie ervaring. Met leuke en een goede gids. Tussendoor veel vrije tijd, om de stad te verkennen!
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Experience of a lifetime

Went twice with Homefans. Football at its best. The most passionate football culture on Earth, in an unbelievable city of Buenos Aires. Visited multiple games, stadiums, and football neighbourhoods on both trips. Boca Juniors as a must and Racing Club left me speechless. Homefans even made it happen for us to watch a home match of San Lorenzo among the ultra supporters, in the safest and smoothest way possible. Well done Homefans! Not to mention our day trip to Montevideo and the Peñarol game in Libertadores we watched there. Also had a sufficient amount of free time to explore the city by myself, and made some new friends among the fellow travellers. Brilliant trip, can't wait to come back for my Argentina hat-trick. Shout out to the local hosts as well! Cheer!
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Great trip

I went with Homefans to Argentina, a great trip and great group. We saw 8 matches in 10 days and an amazing time in Buenos Aires. Thanks!



An unbelievable trip to Argentina with Homefans

I went with homefans on a 10 day trip to Argentina, Buenos Aires. The football capital of the world an unforgettable journey through the Argentinian football culture from Boca juniors in La Bombenera to the champion Racing club. The first club of Diego Maradona Argentinos juniors or between ultras at San Lorenzo. It was an unforgettable trip, not to mention the Argentinian steaks, the trendy cafes in Palermon and the quilmes. All in all I have had the best experience ever thanks to Homefans.
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Amazing time in Buenos Aires

I used Homefans twice for the Ultimate Argentina trip and had an unbelievable time in Buenos Aires. Everything was well arranged and all the matches were amazing. Met a lot of good people along the way and the locals were good. Thanks Homefans!
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