Ten days in Buenos Aires: the ultimate Argentine adventure

After reading several thrilling stories about the passion of Argentine football, I decided to book a trip. It was my intention to see as many different games as possible, and I was happy to watch as many as 10 games! Homefans included three fixed games in their trip, but also gave me the opportunity to […]

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Becoming ‘Homefans’ again: Our first trip to Rome, post-Pandemic

With the world opening upon again, the social event that all of my friends were looking forward to attending once more was a ‘Homefans trip’! And the first post-Covid game for us would be the Derby Della Capitale, between Roma and Lazio. Why this derby? A friend has attended nearly every derby you can possibly […]

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My unforgettable experience at River Plate’s El Monumental

“Vamo Vamo River Plate, ponga huevo y corazón, que esta hichada se merece ser campeón,” sang a group of middle-aged men standing outside a bar some blocks away from River Plate’s legendary El Monumental. 

It is still three hours before kick-off, but there was already a sea of River Plate fans washing all over the area. Now, this was not a build-up to just any game. River Plate looked to end a seven-year title drought in the Argentine first division. I was fortunate enough to be amongst the 70,000 hinchas through Homefans, alongside a guide who ma

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How I experienced the best month of my life thanks to Homefans

Where do I begin? That is the question. How do you summarise the best month in your life? Inaki shares his story about his once in a lifetime trip to Brazil with Homefans.

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With Homefans at Flamengo, Maracanã.

This is a guest blog written by our traveler David about his experience with Homefans at Flamengo v (Ecuadorian) Barcelona for the Copa Libertadores. “I think this is my favourite ground yet” said my Dad. We were only five minutes into the match at the Maracana, but boy were we impressed.  Our journey here had [...]
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