Imagine a way you could earn money while sharing your passion for sports with travellers from around the world. Hosting a tour on Homefans makes that possible. With Homefans, you can become a host in your city and offer unique trips and tours to thousands of sport-loving travellers.

Here are six great reasons to host a tour on Homefans.

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1. Meet like-minded people

Homefans connects you with thousands of other sports fans worldwide. This makes for amazing tour groups full of like-minded people – and maybe even some friends for a lifetime!

And of course, you will be at the heart of the experience on the day. Making great memories of your favourite sporting events.

2. Earn money doing what you love

If you love your city why not share it with the rest of the world? Even better, why not make some money while doing so. Hosting a tour on Homefans is a fantastic option for anyone passionate about their city and club! As you get paid to show sports fans your city, share your fan culture, and go to the biggest matches with them.

Homefans hosts can make up to £375/€410 per match* – depending on the tour’s price and how many guests book to join your experience.

3. Go to the biggest games for free

A lot of Homefans experiences involve seeing the biggest matches and derbies in your city. And it’s no longer just football. We’ve already welcomed hosts delivering other sports experiences to the platform, and look forward to expanding this further!

If needed, Homefans can help you secure tickets for your group. In this case, your ticket will be completely free. And of course, you’ll also get paid for taking your guests to the match!

4. Go behind the scenes

We’re always building partnerships with local clubs. So as one of our hosts you can offer unique experiences that travellers can’t find anywhere else.

For example, our hosts in Belgrade can arrange private access to Red Star and Partizan’s stadiums. Something our visitors to Serbia absolutely love.

If you have a great idea for a tour or experience in your city, let’s make it happen!

5. Become A Homefans Host on your own terms

The Homefans platform makes it easy for you to adjust your own availability calendar, so you can offer trips on the days or matches that suit you best.

This way, you’re in complete control of how many experiences you offer and when you run them. Which makes Homefans the perfect side-hustle to fit around your other commitments.

6. Best-in-class support

As well as showcasing your experience to thousands of sports travellers, the Homefans platform makes it simple to talk with customers and take bookings.

You’ll also get all the help you need to be a successful Homefans host. Our dedicated Host support team will provide expert advice you’ll need to attract more travellers to your tour page and generate sales.

Interested to learn more?

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Homefans cannot guarantee that by signing up you will generate bookings and earn money as a host.

However, our dedicated team will provide you with expert support and advice to help you attract interest and sales from our worldwide community of sports lovers.

The amount of money you can earn will depend on a number of factors, including the number of tours you run, the number of people who book onto your experience, and the price you set.

Please click here to learn more about being a Homefans host.

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