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See a Rapid Bucharest live match with locals

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Bucharest is a city with a life of its own. The nightlife is epic and the football doesn’t fall behind. Three giants in the same city, a city full of tradition and passion when it comes to football.

Rapid Bucharest is one of the oldest and with the richest traditions in Romania. Founded in 1923 the club won 3 times the 1st league title, 13 domestic Cups, and 4 Supercups. The matches against Dinamo and Steaua are of EPIC proportions although the 3 of them are now in different leagues. Steaua is in the 4th, Dinamo in the 1st and Rapid are battling to promote in the 1st.

The 2nd division is full of old clubs with tradition, that fills the stadiums and catches your eye with shows and choreographic displays that are not present in the 1st. In a duel for promotion of the 4th league, Rapid and Steaua brought 40.000 people in the stands.

Going to a Rapid game would be something to tell your children, maybe grandchildren, if you go for a derby. We will meet in the Bucharest Old City center and then go to the Giulestina Pub, near the stadium. From there we will sing, drink beers and prepare for the game. After this we will go with the rest of the pub to the game, singing and waving flags up to the stadium, on the route where you could see the graffiti on the city buildings, Teather and bridge that is near the stadium.

After the match, usually, the party or analysis of the match continues in the same pub, but I can recommend other places that will make your stay in Bucharest worth the time, and make you come for other matches.

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  • Experience a Bucharest derby live
  • Feel the vibe of one of the most vivid cities in Bucharest
  • Drink, eat and party like a local

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Created with Sketch. Bucharest, Romania
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from €50.00 50.00


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