Official Partnership Announcement – 28.01.2021


Homefans are delighted to announce a new media partnership with the leading Latin American content and research platform generating valuable insights in the sports industry: Big Data Sports.

The partnership will allow both brands to curate and amplify the storytelling element behind the current products, network and best practices undergone on the Homefans marketplace, as well as to capture new business development opportunities in Latin America. 

Big Data Sports has positioned itself as one pioneer within the sports industry media landscape. They have shaped and developed a unique approach the “Sportytelling with data”. They like to tell stories about sport always based on data, but without forgetting the emotional element derived by the magnitude of sport. As such, they have managed to dive deep into the latest best practices and stories around the sports industry with a multimedia approach, and prioritising the Latin American scene.

The unique Homefans marketplace model incorporates the fan experience at the heart of its value proposition, and the recent development of the Virtual Stadium Tour experiences that fans can experience online from the comfort of their homes – Homefans LIVE – confirms this novel approach. Moreover, the launch of the Homefans Shop complements this proposition and excels at bringing together unique and tangible fan experiences to the comfort of each and everyone’s home.

Homefans has set its eyes on the Latin American territories to develop this “360 degrees fan experience” strategy, and with the support of a media partner like Big Data Sports, a complete and thorough coverage, analysis and amplification will be ensured.

In the end, this partnership aims to capture global sports fans around the latest trends and best practices around fan engagement and fan experience with the best stories and facts, but also to educate sport executives and stakeholders about the benefits of applying these 

Official Statements

Homefans Founder Daniel Velásquez said of the partnership:

“The Covid-19 pandemic demanded a change in the scope and approach of our business model. We connected the dots by expanding the reach of the fan experience to the Virtual tours and the Homefans Shop – a 360 degrees fan experience. Latin America was the first market where we developed this new business line, and it has successfully paid off. We believe this partnership with Big Data Sports is the right next step to expand our reach and get to as many enthusiasts and stakeholders in the industry in the continent”.  

Big Data Sports Director, Marcelo Gantman stated:

This international partnership with HomeFans will allow us to provide to our community  unique content around the sports experiences and virtual tours that differentiate Homefans in the market. From now on, our audience will be up to date with Homefans initiatives, and executives from the football industry will be able to explore the opportunities that open up for the region, even more so in this new normal that we are facing during the pandemic”. 

Homefans’ community will also benefit of exclusive content on the Big Data Sports own channels. Have a listen to a previous podcast about Homefans (in Spanish). 

Keep an eye on both companies’ social channels for future developments. 

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