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Hi, my name is Homefans_hf

Localhost since Apr 06, 2020


Our Homefans original products are crafted by the Homefans team and we will pair you with one of our finest Local Hosts in the destination.


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130 Reviews

Jamie Chalkley

Alejandro is a great host, everything was extremely smooth and we had such a great experience at La Bombonera! It was great to soak in the atmosphere pre match. Seats were incredible, we were left speechless. Thank you very much, we will be returning again!

Matthew Masheter

Had an amazing experience, was everything I thought it would be and more. The hosts were friendly and very helpful. Would highly recommend for any football fans.


I loved the experience of going to a River Plate game during my stay in Buenos Aires. It was super fun. The description said pick up from hotel and 1 drink. However, we had to get to a meeting point by our own Uber and there were no drinks. Some people in our group were super late and so we just got our tickets and went into the stadium on our own. In some ways, that was part of the adventure, but maybe not everyone would be ready for that. If the pick up at hotel had occured, we would have all been together, but communication and coordination was a bit slow or incomplete. Our host was still nice and it was an incredible experience I'd recommend to anyone. But, I'd also say be ready for the unexpected. I hope that Homefans will ensure their "resellers" or guides follow through on the services in the description. I would have still bought the tickets and traveled to a meet up spot on my own, but when you're told you will be picked up and given a drink and don't get it... the feeling is different. Anyway, if you have a chance to see a River or Boca game- my advice is to take it.
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James Smith

I went to Huracan with Sofia and it was a hidden gem. Great value for money for a beautiful stadium and club. Highly recommended!


I have been wanting to book a Homefans trip for years since they first popped up on my Facebook feed and finally the stars aligned and I was able to book this trip for April 2024. I have to say it was all that was promised and more & was very professionally put together from start to finish. From being met at the airport to the stadium tour trips and matchday experiences to being transferred to Rio airport at the end of the trip everything went super smoothly with the hosts keeping us updated throughout with where they would meet us and what times. We met multiple hosts during the trip accoridng to the games/stadiums we were visiting and all the ocasions were well organised with lots of local knowledge about the history of the teams/cities and we were not just taken to the locations. Before going I had countless friends tell me to be careful but at no time were we concerned about our safety or that of our posessions. Having friendly local hosts made a huge difference be it from taking us to try local street foods, beers to 'protecting' us against street sellers inflating their prices to gringos. The highlight for me was, being a lifelong Iron Maiden fan seeing the wall artwork from the Vasco Ultras, our host Mattheus then took us to the Forca Jovem Ultra's store in a non descript building which we'd never have found or thought to enter without local company. I could go on and on but all I can say is if anynone is in two minds about booking with Homefans - just do it, you will not be disappointed at all. We were trying to work out when and where we will be booking our next South American tour before we left Brazil!
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