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Vasco da Gama Matchday Experience – Long Side Seats on Exclusive Sector

5 Excellent (8 reviews) Rio de Janeiro

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English, Español, Francais, Italian, Portuguese


Greetings, fellow football enthusiasts! I am Luiz Fernando, your local guide in Rio de Janeiro, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of carioca football culture. If you’re passionate about both football and the vibrant tapestry of our city’s traditions, then this experience is tailor-made for you.

As a Rio resident and an ardent supporter of Vasco da Gama, I understand the exhilaration of game day like no other. With over a decade of dedicated fandom, I’ve witnessed some electrifying moments at São Januário! The pulsating energy of the crowd, the soul-stirring chants, and the unadulterated passion of every fan – these are the elements that truly fuel my love for football.

Our adventure starts when I pick you up from our meeting point. We’ll Uber our way to São Januário – wich is the best way to go. Once there, we’ll dive into the pre-game scene, hanging out with fellow Vasco fans and grabbing some drinks.

Then, we’ll head to the Social section of São Januário. Trust me, this isn’t just any spot – it’s THE place to be. The view? Unparalleled. You’re not just watching the game; you’re living it. Here, you’re so close to the action that every cheer, every play, every heartbeat feels magnified. And let’s talk about the connection with the players. It’s not uncommon for them to come right up to this section, sharing moments of joy, celebration, and sometimes even a high-five or two with the fans. It’s the kind of intimacy with the game and the team that you won’t find anywhere else.

Rest assured, your entire journey – from planning to the final whistle – is in capable hands. No need to worry about logistics or ticket arrangements; I’ve got every detail covered. As your local companion, I am committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and immersion into this amazing experience.

Vasco da Gama 2024 Matchday Experience is on sale for the below fixtures 


May 18h – Vasco da Gama v Flamengo – Derby At São Januário Stadium
Jun 2nd – Vasco da Gama v Cruzeiro – At São Januário Stadium
Jun 15th – Vasco da Gama v São Paulo – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Jun 22th – Vasco da Gama v Botafogo – Derby At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Jun 26th – Vasco da Gama v Fortaleza – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Jul 3th – Vasco da Gama v Corinthians – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Jul 17th – Vasco da Gama v Cuiabá – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Jul 27th – Vasco da Gama v Red Bull Bragantino – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Aug 3th – Vasco v Fluminense – Derby At Maracanã Stadium (TBD)
Aug 17th – Vasco v Athletico-PR – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Aug 31th – Flamengo v Vasco – Derby At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Sep 14th – Vasco da Gama v Palmeiras – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Sep 28th – Vasco da Gama v Juventude – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Oct 19th – Vasco da Gama v Bahia – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Oct 25th – Botafogo v Vasco da Gama – Derby At Nilton Santos Stadium (TBD)
Nov 20th – Vasco da Gama v Internacional – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Nov 30th – Vasco da Gama v Atlético-GO – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)
Dec 4th – Vasco da Gama v Atlético-MG – At São Januário Stadium (TBD)


May 21h – Vasco da Gama v Fortaleza – At São Januário Stadium

note : TBD days can be moved by one/two/three days from the one described here. Only weeks or days before the match, the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) confirms the definitive date and time.

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Experience organized by Luiz_Fernando

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  • See Vasco da Gama and its passionate supporters live
  • Tick the football temple São Januário off your bucket list
  • Learn more about Vasco da Gama history and culture
  • Meet up with local Vasco da Gama fans

What you get

  • Vasco da Gama match ticket (Social Stands)
  • Local pre-match experience
  • Guided Walking Tour
  • Experienced and Bilingual Local Host
  • Tips
  • Food and Drinks
  • Transport
  • Additional Services or Tours


Based on 8 reviews
Very Good

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Stuart Gray


Rio Derby

Incredible experience for any football fan. Luiz took us to the Rio derby Vasco vs Flamengo at the Maracana. He could not have been a nicer host. My friend has difficulty walking but Luiz was there to help us access the stadium and ensure we had everything we need. There was a torrential downpour outside the stadium which just added to an unforgettable atmosphere. As a lifelong football fan I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like it, and it was incredibly friendly, we always felt safe. Luiz ensured that we got transportation home also. I could not recommend Luiz highly enough, an incredibly welcoming friendly and true football fan. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you at a game in the UK Luiz. Stuart
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Byron Alexander


Soccer in Brazil

This was a fantastic experience! A truly authentic local thing to do in Rio. Luiz is a great guide, you could not ask for a nicer host than him! His English is excellent and he is warm and welcoming. He takes care of everything from A-Z. The day before the match he thoroughly communicated with me about everything I needed to know, from meeting up to what colors are best to wear to the match. Going to the game with him you can experience it like the locals do and not worry about anything. The pre game experience was very neat. The fans are great and enthusiastic. The stadium itself is a classic, almost 100 years old. If you are a sports fan and you are visiting Rio, I highly recommend going to a Vasco game with Luiz. You will not regret it. One of the coolest things you can do in Brazil.
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Corstiaan van Elzelingen

Luiz made you feel home away from home instantly wen arriving at the Vasco Da Gama stadium, having some food and beers from the vendors while Luiz was telling me passionately about his team. Inside the stadium it was a superb experience seeing all the passion of the fans and i couldnt have wished for a better last night in Rio. After the match Luiz helped to find the right spot to get the Uber back. Obrigado Amigo

Jack Govier



Luiz was great - organised everything very well in advance so I wasn't in any doubt about our plans. His English was great, and had excellent passion and knowledge about the game. The drinks beforehand and the match itself were both great. Would highly recommend going to a game with him and definitely would again in the future.



Great experience with Luiz

The whole experience with Luiz was great! He picked us up from the hotel and made us feel very welcome and told us lots of interesting stories. The match itself was also amazing. If you want to enjoy a great experience at a Vasco game, Luiz will guarantee it!



Great match experience

It was a really great experience to go to a Vasco da Gama match together with Luiz. Everything went perfectly. Great communication before and Luiz picked me up at my hotel and we got a few beers before the game. Unfortunately Vasco lost the game. But a really great experience anyway that I can recommend to anyone who would like to see a football match in Rio.

Edward Hatcher



Luiz took us to a game yesterday, was one of the best things I’ve done, the atmosphere was incredible, a must do if you can when you’re in Rio. He offered to pick us up and drop us off. Lovely guy 10/10

Alex Aal


Absolutely one of a kind

Luiz is a fantastic guy and a great host. He picked us up at our hotel with a friend and together we visited the Vasco game. The atmosphere around the stadium and the stadium itself where breathtaking. We drank some bears and watched the game, but more importantly, we fully experienced the passion of the Vasco supporters. And now we can truly say, we are Vasco supporters as well. Thanx Luiz!
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9 Reviews