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Hi, my name is Tomaz Heizenreder

Localhost since Mar 20, 2024


Hi! My name is Tomaz, I'm 22 years old and currenty studying Geology at Universidade de São Paulo. Besides the interest in natural sciences, im really curious about the experience that people from all over the world have and would love to have the oportunity to chat about it!

Also, being born and raised in the biggest city in South America made me develop a big passion, wich is part of my every day: Supporting Corinthians. Due to that, years and years of watching the team on the TV evolved to years of going to the stadium, creating friendships and sharing incredible moments together.

There are no doubts that football unites all kinds of people, and going to the stadium of the most popular club in São Paulo is an excellent opportunity of knowing better the club that "from brazil, is the most brazillian one" and have exciting moments with thousands of others passionate fans. Lets have it together!

São Paulo ,South America

I speak: Portuguese / English

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