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FC Porto Football Matchday Experience


From €80,00 80,00


4 hours


Specific Tour

Group Size

Max 5 people


English, Español, Francais, Portuguese


Welcome to the beautiful Porto, where the city and the team get missed up together!

Get ready to embark in an amazing experience where you will be able to experience a Porto matchday as a true home fan! Porto is known for its trophies, a beautiful city and stadium and for its amazing and supporting fans, and of course great food! And you are about to get a taste of it all!

No other city in all country has a population that is so proud and so loyal to their place and team as in my hometown. The city has won multiple titles for being a great tourist destination, as for example the 2017 Best European destination. FC Porto has a lot of titles, both national and international, being 2x Champions League Winner! It is our pride and joy!

Now about the great experience that I have to offer you!

We will meet near the stadium about 2 hours before the kickoff to get to know a bit about Porto and to have a beer and a hot dog in the food trucks. We will next go to the stadium where we can go both to the ultra-sector, where you will be jumping and singing for all 90 minutes or to the normal stands.

Expect a thrilling football show, where you will watch two shows for the price of one. Lots of times the match itself is the second show!  

After the match, we will head to centre town to go enjoy a typical dish, the Francesinha!

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Member Since 2020

Experience organized by Francisco_C

Verified Homefans Host


  • Watch a match in Dragão as a Portuense (someone from Porto)
  • Try the typical food and beer
  • Enjoy two great shows: the match and the ambience
  • Be and ultra for 90 minutes, sing, jump and get crazy!

What you get

  • Match tickets
  • Homefans English Speaking Host
  • Pre-match beer and hot dog
  • Porto Scarf
  • Meal after the game: The Francesinha
  • Transportation
  • Tips
  • Extra drinks (in and out of the stadium)
  • Extra food (in and out of the stadium)
  • Merchandise from the club store

Organized by


Member Since 2020