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4 Reviews


Matheus is such a lovely host who explained a lot of the history behind the derby. He was also very accomodating with any questions We had great seats and were right next to the Botafogo ultras. You can feel the passion and support is truly next level. Even though Botafogo sadly lost, the energy was incredible. I came home a Botafogo fan! Highly recommended!

Jonathan William Anthony

I came to the game with fairly low expectations, I'd wanted to go to Flamengo game the night before at the Maracana, but unforuntately couldn't with a flight delay. There was one option and that was to go to Botofogo and I am so so glad I did. It was amazing. Matheus really cares deeply about ensuring you have the best possible experience. The guy lives and breathes Botofogo, a club enshrined in history, if not silverware recently. It's not just a game for him, it's about his family and friends. The game was on at the Olympic stadium, which again, I low expectations, but the atmosphere was incredible. He had us right in with the ultras. The fans couldn't have been friendlier as I think they appreciate people coming not just to Maracana and Flamengo, but to see their traditions and culture. In terms of safety and ease, it couldn't have been better. Super smooth pickup, and he even texted me to ensure I got home ok, with transport he organised. If you're in Rio for a week, definitely get to a Botofogo game with a real local football experience.
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It was for me the first time in Rio de Janeiro and this day was the only day with good weather so I went with Matheus together to Christ the Redeemer and after to the Botafogo game. It was a really nice day! The trip to Christ, the Botafogo match. Matheus is a very cool guy, he helped me a lot the whole day and he took his responsibilities so everything went fine with the tickets and transports. I have a good experience! Next time when I will be in Rio de Janeiro to watch football games again I will see Matheus not only as my host, but also as a good friend!
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Again thanks to Matheus and his very nice friend for a great Botafogo homegame experience. Even if Matheus doesn't like hearing it as a Flamengo supporter ;-), Botafogo has gained a new fan in me. Great atmosphere, likeable club and fans. I will remember this great experience for a long time.