My Holy War: Filip’s Guide To The Krakow Derby

The Krakow derby is known worldwide as The Holy War. But why does this derby have such a big reputation? We caught up with our Krakow host Filip to find out why.

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With Homefans to the Derby della Lanterna

This is a guest blog and photo journal written by our traveler Sonya Kondratenko. Sonya shot all of the pictures on location in Genoa, Italy. When you think of Italian football rivalries, you might think of the derbies in Rome, Milan or Turin. But there’s another fixture you shouldn’t miss — the Derby della Lanterna [...]
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My trip with Homefans to the Eternal Derby

It was a sunny August afternoon when my plane landed at the Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd. I’d been waiting for this day for years, and was finally going to experience the Eternal Derby of Belgrade! Most of my friends were still on their summer holidays, and traveling alone to such an intense derby didn’t sound [...]
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