Think you’ve experienced atmosphere? Think again. Football is more than just a sport in Argentina – it’s a culture, a way of life, and an identity. The length and breadth of the country is filled with passionate supporters and amazing stadiums, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. No matter where you go, a sea of colour and noise will await you – guaranteed to take your breath away. 

The second-largest city in South America, Buenos Aires, is the cultural, financial and political capital of Argentina, giving it one of the most interesting histories in the country. It’s also the city with the most football clubs, the football capital of the world. So, we have compiled a list of the most popular football clubs in Buenos Aires to add to your itinerary whilst visiting the capital of football.

River Plate tickets

River Plate

One of the most successful teams in Argentina, there is only one word you can use to describe River Plate – gigantic. They play at the colossal El Monumental stadium, home to a sea of over 70,000 screaming fans, who won’t let you forget the game in a hurry. The clubs famous red sash has become associated with success over the years – from the famous ‘La Máquina’ side of the 1940s, to the current side which have enjoyed Copa Libertadores successes in recent years. This means that you’re not just guaranteed an unforgettable atmosphere, but a real treat on the pitch as well.

Boca Juniors 

The other half of the Superclásico can be found in La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Believed to be the most supported side in the country, the club and their supporters need no introduction. They play in the incredible La Bombonera stadium, where you can witness a carnival in the stands that has to be seen to be believed. You can join Los Xeneizes on the famous vast slopes of the iconic stadium, where the atmosphere is so crazy that the structure even sways amongst the intensity. As they say, “The Bombonera does not tremble, it beats”.

Racing Club

Just south of La Boca is Avellaneda, home to both Racing Club and Independiente. The pair are located just a stone’s throw away from each other, in two iconic stadiums, and contest the second biggest rivalry in the country. Racing’s home is the incredible Estadio Presidente Perón, which is awash with 62,000 blue and white stripes every matchday. Follow the lead of the shirtless Capos, as they rendition their club anthems for the full 90 minutes and leave their hymns stuck in your head for life.


A mere 300m away, you’ll find Indepentiente. Far from friendly neighbours, the pair have contested a heated rivalry dating back to 1907. Financed by the sale of Sergio Agüero back in 2006, the Estadio Libertadores de América is known as ‘’La Doble Visera de Cemento’ (The Cement Mixer) due to it’s brutalist design. Like no other ground on the planet, the stadium is just as magnificent as the fans who fill it, and you’ll be sure to be greeted by a wave of noise from Los Diablos Rojos.

San Lorenzo tickets

San Lorenzo

The fifth and final member of Los 5 Grandes, San Lorenzo’s Estadio Pedro Bidegain is the birthplace of many of the world’s most famous football songs. Draped in blue and red tifo, the stadium is known as the ‘school of the terraces’, and you’ll be sure to leave with an entire songbook of catchy chants stuck in your head. The club’s most famous supporter is perhaps Pope Francis, and whilst he’ll likely not be there to help cheer on Los Azulgrana, the 50,000 army of fans would love for you to join the party.

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