Official Partnership Announcement – 20.04.2021

Homefans are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with PAOK FC, one of the most exciting clubs and brands in Greek football. Based in Thessaloniki and with the Toumba stadium as their home ground, PAOK FC are considered one of the most historical clubs in Greece.  

The partnership will allow both brands to further deepen their collaboration efforts around the virtual tours, the real-life unique experiences and the merchandising sale, which have been really fruitful during these pandemic times.  Equally, it aims at showcasing the PAOK FC brand to an international audience beyond Greece and Europe,  broadening the reach of the unique Greek footballing culture and Official Club experiences to football fans worldwide.

The unique Homefans marketplace model, where passionate fans and sporting organisations host unique sports tours in their home towns and cities, will be rolled out as part of this partnership. PAOK FC will  co-create unique online and offline products on the Homefans marketplace,  providing exclusive access to their stadium and match day experiences,  and allowing sports fans the opportunity to get closer to the Club than ever before.

As a consequence of the pandemic, Homefans have pivoted to launch a series of innovative  Virtual Stadium Tour experiences that fans can experience online from the comfort of their homes – Homefans LIVE. The underlying concept, a “360 degrees fan experience” opens up great opportunities for international audiences to learn more about the club, its history and brand, and also to create tangible connections  with the club via the merchandising sale of the club’s collector’s items on the Homefans Shop.  

The PAOK FC Virtual Tour will be the first tangible outcome of this collaboration with a  date to be confirmed soon.



Both virtual and physical experiences will be brought to life by the club and a network of passionate local PAOK FC fans and guides. They will deliver their unique, locally-curated tours, sharing the experiences that each Greek fan lives around soccer and their team. It is also a great opportunity to further educate on the relationship between the Club and Thessaloniki, and how it it’s embedded in the local community  – yet with an international appeal. 


Official Statements

Homefans Founder Daniel Velásquez said of the partnership:

“This partnership sets a new precedent for Homefans. We are extremely excited about the multiple opportunities we can create with such a positioned brand and club as PAOK FC. Not only are they the definite innovators and leaders in the digital space in football in Europe, but they are also one of the most sought after destinations amongst our audience.  They believe in the Homefans novel approach mixing digital trends with football and fan culture, and that is why we want to develop a series of unique products that intertwine the online and offline fan experience. We cannot wait to offer these unique experiences on the Homefans marketplace. 

Equally, their merchandising line is exceptional and we can’t wait to add their products to our Homefans Shop”.


Panagiotis Aronadis, PAOK FC New Media Director, stated:

“We’re delighted to announce this new partnership between PAOK FC and Homefans that will offer football enthusiasts from around the world the opportunity to experience the famous Toumba Stadium from the inside with exclusive full access and tailor-made story telling.

For such a passionate football club like PAOK, opening Toumba Stadium for the fans, even virtually, after more than a year is important especially during this pandemic period of Covid19 that affected our life and football as an essential part of it.

The partnership with Homefans is part our club internalization and growth strategy and will introduce PAOK to a new audience outside of Greece and Europe. Toumba Stadium and its world known atmosphere can become a stand out addition to HomeFans line up and attract fans that want to see and hear beautiful backstage football stories.

This is Toumba. Get ready for it”.


Homefans’ community will also benefit exclusive pre-sale access to Club Experiences and Tickets, in addition to Official Merchandise that will be available to purchase as part of the Club experiences:

Keep an eye on both sets of channels in the coming weeks for more experiences to get involved with!

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