Official Partnership Announcement – 09.04.2021

Homefans are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors – AAAJ, one of Argentina’s most traditional and historical football teams based in the capital, Buenos Aires. The club where Diego Maradona kickstarted his career. 

The partnership will allow both brands to further deepen their collaboration efforts around the virtual tours, the real-life unique experiences and the merchandising sale, which have been really fruitful during these pandemic times.  Equally, it aims at showcasing the AAAJ brand to an international audience,  broadening the reach of the rich South American footballing culture and Official Club experiences to football fans worldwide.

The unique Homefans marketplace model, where passionate fans host unique sports tours in their home towns and cities, will be rolled out as part of this partnership. Argentinos Juniors will continue providing Homefans Hosts with exclusive access to their stadium and match day experiences, allowing sports fans the opportunity to get closer to the Club than ever before.

As a consequence of the pandemic, Homefans have pivoted to launch a series of innovative  Virtual Stadium Tour experiences that fans can experience online from the comfort of their homes – Homefans LIVE. The underlying concept, a “360 degrees fan experience” opens up great opportunities for international audiences to learn more about the club, its history and brand, and also to create tangible connections  with the club via the merchandising sale of the club’s collector’s items. 



The existing Argentinos Juniors Virtual Tour and the Diego Maradona Story have been a top product for the Homefans’ international community, and there is undoubtedly bigger opportunities in this space, especially given the legacy left by El Diego, and the rich history of the club, one of the most remarkable youth academies in South America.

Both virtual and physical experiences will be brought to life by Homefans’ network of passionate local Argentinos Juniors fans, who will act as hosts and the main ambassadors of the Club. They will deliver their unique, locally-curated tours, sharing the experiences that each Argentine fan lives around soccer and their team.

This partnership aims to educate and capture global sports travellers with Argentinos Juniors unique footballing story, rich culture and history, and the legacy of the great Diego Armando Maradona. It will boost  the Club’s brand internationalisation strategy to acquire more fans and members worldwide. 


Official Statements

Homefans Founder Daniel Velásquez said of the partnership:

“We could not be happier to formalise our partnership with Argentinos Juniors.  They were the first believers of this new approach , mixing digital trends with football and fan culture. Equally, the merchandising line, Homefans Shop was first created thanks to our joint efforts to deliver a better fan experience to our community.

We have a global community of football fans who are eager for more South American football tours, and we cannot wait to bring Official Club Experiences to life. We are also very excited to further our Argentinos Juniors Virtual Tour experience, and hope our community takes advantage of this unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at their beautiful stadium!

Emiliano Ariel Pedro, Board Member, stated:

“This partnership opens up multiple opportunities for Argentinos Juniors, especially regarding our internationalisation strategy. Through the virtual tours hosted on their platform, we can tell the world not only about our Stadium or Museum, our history and legacy, but also what La Paternal means to the club, community and city.  Equally, the Homefans marketplace has allowed us to reach international audiences we had never thought of tapping into with our merchandising offering.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the immense response provided by the Homefans marketplace community.

Lastly, this partnership will also allow us to develop bespoke loyalty programs to capture new members and to engage with them even if they are not based in Buenos Aires. All the membership schemes are very valuable for the club in these troubling times”

Homefans’ community will also benefit exclusive pre-sale access to Club Experiences and Tickets, in addition to Official Merchandise that will be available to purchase as part of the Club experiences:

  • The next virtual tour will take place on May 2nd, 2021. All the relevant info and booking information can be found here
  • Check out the Argentinos Juniors limited edition Maradona shirts on our Homefans Shop

Keep an eye on both sets of channels in the coming weeks for more experiences to get involved with!


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