Official Partnership Announcement – 04.03.2021


Homefans are delighted to announce a new media partnership with El Míster, a nascent Latin American sports content platform covering the most interesting sports stories with its unique and independent lens. 

The partnership will allow both companies to utilise a diversity of media platforms to tell and amplify unique stories off the pitch, to highlight best practices within the sports industry, and to incorporate the cultural, social and economic angle around the Homefans global network.  Equally, both companies will aim to capture new business development opportunities in Mexico. 

Based in Mexico, El Míster has positioned itself as one pioneer within the sports industry media landscape. From day one its value proposition stood out and made it appealing to a specific segment of the Latin American readers: El Míster targets the 20% of the audience that willingly pays attention to the topics that go beyond the usual controversies in sport found in the traditional media, and seek for in depth stories and analysis. In addition, its strength lies in the effective use of various digital platforms to tell these stories:  podcasts, newsletters, clubhouse sessions, chronicles, among others.

The unique Homefans marketplace model incorporates the fan experience at the heart of its value proposition. The recent development of the 360 degree fan experience approach allows fans to access the best sports experiences from the comfort of their home.  The launch of  Homefans LIVE , the innovative virtual tours hosted by professional clubs and local hosts,  confirms this novel approach. Moreover, the launch of the Homefans Shop complements this proposition and excels at bringing together unique and tangible fan experiences to the comfort of each and everyone’s home.

Homefans has set its eyes on the Latin American territories to grow this proposition,  and with the support of a media partner like El Míster, a complete and thorough coverage, analysis and amplification of the best stories and business activities will be guaranteed.

All in all, this partnership aims to capture sports fans around these unique stories, to interact with different stakeholders, and to ultimately gravitate around the latest trends and best practices in fan engagement and fan experience. 

Official Statements

Homefans Founder Daniel Velásquez said of the partnership:

“I am a big fan of El Míster and have been following them for some time. Their approach is unique in Latin America and they are definitely in the right path towards growth with a unique proposition. In that sense, we were really interested in joining forces to be able to tell the stories of our global network through a very innovative medium, and taking advantage of the multi-platform approach El Míster has proficiently developed in recent times. Equally, sharing best practices and having the chance to interact with key Latin American stakeholders  thanks to El Mister’s multi topical approach is very attractive to us, as we are striving to expand our reach with Homefans”.  

El Míster Founder and Director, Iván Pérez stated:

El Míster and Homefans are two platforms that tell stories. For both brands it is crucial to cover the different range of experiences that communicate the essence of the sport through a unique narrative: the fans.  El Míster’s DNA taps into the facts and figures off the pitch and beyond the scoreline to focus on the feelings of the real stars of the sport.  This partnership will definitely helps us amplify and disseminate unique content to our Latin American audience by getting  first hand access to the stories behind the most iconic places in football and sport thanks to the Homefans’ global network. It will definitely help our community to understand better how the passion behind the sport is experienced around the world”.  

Keep an eye on both companies’ social channels for future developments. 

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