Why should I outsource the organization of my football trip to you?

Because we take care of all the boring and practical things about organizing a football trip. You provide input for the composition of the trip and you are 100% part of the creative process to arrive at the ideal trip together. We work together with clubs and local fans to provide you with an unforgettable journey. Last but not least: with our network of reliable, experienced local partners and clubs we can arrange things that a traveler cannot get arranged quickly (and so cheaply). Because of the local knowledge that we have, you do not have to travel to the destination first - that saves money anyway.

How do I know which trip suits me best?

If you can not choose between different clubs/destinations, it is best to look at your personal bucket list. Do you want to experience a derby? Do you want a hot or cold country? How long do you want to go? Do you want to see more than just a match? We can, of course, help you with this and possibly make several proposals to arrive at the perfect football trip!

Are your trips safe?

Your football Bucket List often contains adventurous football destinations and matches. At every destination we travel to, we ensure that we can guarantee your safety. We will never send you to an unsafe destination. We also work with clubs and experienced local partners who will always help you in an emergency. With every group trip a team member of Homefans travels with the group and we only choose a destination if we really trust it.

How can you have local knowledge in so many destinations?

Our local knowledge comes from a network of clubs and local hosts in all destinations where we offer trips. Our locals know exactly what is fun to do in their country, can arrange a guide or driver anywhere and don't shy away from the challenge of making your Travel Bucket List worthy! We are not a standard football travel agency, we work hard behind the scenes every season to organize unforgettable trips

Can you also organize a trip with a low budget?

Yes, we can, but your budget must match your wishes. Within Europe, we can organize great football trips from + - 180 euros per person. When you travel by bus to one of the many top cities in Europe, it can even be a lot cheaper. We are happy to help you think about your ideal football trip!

Booking & Payment FAQ's

How do I book a football trip at Homefans?

We offer group travel around the world. From Buenos Aires to London. From Dortmund to Belgrade. These small group trips consist on average of 6 - 10 enthusiasts who all travel to discover football cultures. With every trip someone from Homefans travels with you or someone on site will welcome you. If you prefer to travel with your own group, you can always receive a free and quote to one of our destinations. All our trips are tailor-made, so you can always tinker with your football trip - even after it has already been paid. This is how you create your perfect trip

How does payment work?

When confirming the trip you have to pay a deposit. Depending on how far in advance you book this is between 20% -40%. You only pay the largest part 4 weeks before departure. More time to save for your unforgettable football trip.

Can I receive a quote without obligation?

That is certainly possible! After discussing your wishes and ideas, we always prepare one or more non-binding quotes. Because we make customized trips, something can always be adjusted.

Can I purchase individual match tickets from you?

No, we do not offer individual match tickets. The reason for this is that we cannot offer the experiences that Homefans are known for.

Who and what are Trip & Experience Leaders?

The Trip Leaders are our friends in various football destinations around the world. They are the link between Homefans and football trips. They help compile and guide our football trips! They ensure that you have an unforgettable time where you will experience football through Homefans.

How can I pay for my football trip?

You pay the full amount in one go with IDEAL, Mastercard, Visa or Paypal. For a number of trips we make an exception and you can pay for your trip in installments. This allows you to save longer for your ultimate football trip with Homefans


When will I receive my travel details from Homefans?

About a week before departure you will receive your travel details and all information for your football trip from us electronically. The competition cards are ready on the spot in your accommodation or one of the Homefans trip leaders will personally hand you the tickets.

I have not yet received any information about my football trip, what now?

E-mail or call immediately of course. In the week before departure we will send you all travel details. As soon as this happens, we will send an email. That way you know where you stand. Does your inbox remain empty? Ring the bell. We ensure that you receive all information on time for your football trip


Can I also take out travel and cancellation insurance with you?

This is unfortunately not possible for now. Nevertheless, we definitely recommend that you take out insurance with an insurer of your choice for your football trip. Please contact us.

Do I need a travel Insurance?

While we don’t require or provide travel insurance and believe that everyone is able to make their own choices based on their personal comfort levels around risk, we do highly recommend purchasing it before you depart. In the possible event of natural disasters, political disruptions, or other events beyond our immediate control, we will not be able to issue refunds after our standard refund period of 45 days before your trip begins.