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Hi, my name is Lindsay_H

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My name is Lindsay Hamilton and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I am an unapologetic stadium hopper who is completely incapable of visiting a new city without checking out the local football ground and I know a ton of stuff about Glasgow's great football history & culture having worked at the Scottish Football Museum for 4 years and started my own football tourism business, namely The Glasgow Football Tour in 2019. I have a real passion for football and storytelling and am a lifelong supporter of Celtic Football Club.


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10 Reviews


Lindsay was great! Without her, we haven't been able to know these stories and curiosities about Celtic!

Erick Sánchez Villanueva

I thought the tour was very good, the whole story they told us, the dynamics of the tour were quite good.


Celtic FC is part of the heart of Football. Lindsay brilliantly explains all the secrets of this amazing club.

Maria Leslie

Had a great experience as a first time viewer, Lindsay was very knowledgeable and kept me interested and focused all the way through , will certainly look out for other tours, good experience


Managed to find out plenty of facts and personalised stories about Celtic, shout out to Lindsay and Homefans! Value received totally exceeded the money paid.