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Hi, my name is JoaoPedro_R

Localhost since Oct 30, 2020


A football lover. I think football can unite people all around the world and I would like to share all the knowledge that I have about brazilian football with you. I support São Paulo Futebol Clube and it would be a pleasure to introduce you to the history of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

São Paulo ,Brasil

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15 Reviews


João Pedro is a fantastic host and super knowledgeable about his team! Before the match against Flamengo, we met for pregame drinks and food, walked the neighborhood around the stadium where João Pedro showed us some murals of the club, and we learned more about the history and traditions of São Paulo FC. Highly recommend going to a match with him, good times!

Fredrik Larsson

João Pedro hosted me to the last game of the Brazilian league and it could not have been a greater experience. Everything was great, especially the communication before the game which made everything both interesting and easy to understand. João Pedro was a truly great host with so much knowledge about the team in his heart. It was very interesting to learn all the stories behind the graffitis around Morumbi and also to learn more about Brazilian football in general. I can highly recommend you to let João Pedro to be your host in your upcoming match experience in São Paolo.
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Andrew O'Neill

João was a great host, super knowledgeable about the history of São Paulo, great communication and made the whole experience one to remember. Couldn’t recommend João enough

Louis Lock

Joao was helpful, knowledgeable and organised. We met at the tube stop he showed us the graffiti around the ground, told us about the history and was very helpful. This Sao Paolo experience was a little more tourist friendly than others i have experienced in South America, so if your after a more friendly environment rather than powder keg volatile, choose this one and Joao!


Joao was such an amazing guide/host. He is very clear and kept me well informed about all the details to make sure I had the best matchday experience! Indeed, this is what happened. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I also appreciated all the knowledge he has about the history of Sao Paulo FC and Brazilian football culture. It makes the whole experience more valuable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a proper SPFC matchday experience!
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