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86 Reviews

Roberto Hagio

As a solo traveler the best thing I can say about my first Homefans experience is that it ended up being like a trip away with mates, with us being looked after by another mate who lived in Istanbul (Ogulcan our local guide). Great hotel in a perfect location in the centre of the city. The option to add games (Besiktas and Başakşehir) was a real bonus. Loved the atmosphere in the bars and restaurants in Besiktas and before the derby. To top it all off Istanbul is special. Can't wait to go back.
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Anthony Law

The city was amazing, hotel was in a great location and our host OG was superb. Needless to say the Derby was an unbelievable experience. Would highly recommend.

Jonathan Hodges

Superb trip well organised leaving us all to enjoy the football and the city. Our host Ogulcan took care of everything. Highly recommended.

James Rendall

First of all, it was potentially no ones fault the regular host was unavailable, and Blete did great, considering he is a Real Betis fan, and neither of us had ever been at the Diego Maradona Stadio. It was also unfortunate no one else was on the tour, which then rather oddly saw Blete and I at opposite ends of the stadium?! Again outwith your control, but I was pushed back at the gate and being refused entry by a steward because I was Nord Europeo, the same as Ajax?! I called the Supervisor and I was eventually let in, once we'd established The Netherlands and Scotland are two separate places, but it was an uncomfortable moment. It took me a while to calm down from this nonsense, and having the host with me would have been good, not that Blete could have unduly helped in this situation. It was Google maps and walking to get lucky finding a cab after the game, something that might have been smoother with the regular host. It was a one of experiment for me, and I enjoyed the banter with Blete, but we were piecing it together as we went along. He will be an excellent host when he is back at his beloved Betis. I wouldn’t look to repeat the experience, it truly didn’t feel like value for money, but I will continue to occasionally contact Andrea to buy Argentine shirts.
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Felipe Aguillón Inostroza

Together with my friends we booked the experience for the match against Juventus. We met up with Andrea a couple of hours before the game, who was a tremendous host, toured part of the city, ending with a meal and drinks in a beautiful place. After this we arrived at the imposing San Siro, where we were located very close to where the ultras of the team are located. We were able to experience the game first hand as one of the AC Milan fans. Although there were a couple of problems with the location of the tickets, Andrea was always attentive to solve these problems as soon as possible. Thank you very much for the experience. I hope to repeat it again! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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