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Hi, my name is Fran

Localhost since Feb 01, 2023


Hi everyone! My name is Francisco and I am a Boca Juniors fan. I live in Buenos Aires and my love for Boca established since when I was a child. I will show you the Buenos Aires and Boca Juniors culture. I hope see you for enjoy the city and argentinian football!

Buenos Aires ,South America

I speak: spanish, english, italian

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17 Reviews

gianmaria scioti

Amazing experience. Starting with la previa which was already a blast !! The game and experience in la Bombonera was something unforgettable!! Thanks to Fran who really let us enjoy this event as locals!! I would suggest to take this experience with him if you really want to understand what means to be a Boca fan!! Dale Boca!!

Clark Winkler

I am a 24 year old American who always wanted to see Boca play at La Bombonera, and since I was with my friend in Buenos Aires I thought this would be the perfect experience. Unfortunately, our guide Fran got caught up in work and told us he would not be leading us to the game a day before the game. Instead he said his friend would lead us to the game. His friend did not speak much English, which is ok but I know Fran does. We also lost out on chatting with a local fan about the team, history, fans, culture etc. that you'd expect from booking this. When we arrived to la previa (basically a pregame outside the stadium) we met the other 10 tourists from around the world who would be joining us. This was awesome and we made some friends before the game, even meeting a couple American guys. La previa was a lot of fun before the game. When it was time to go into the stadium, our guide handed us the tickets and told us to go in. Four of us made it through security and we never saw our guide or the rest of the group again. I assume their tickets had different entrances to go to. We tried to message the group to see if we could meet again but nobody or the guides replied. This was unfortunate because we were a group of tourists alone in the Ultras section, unless this was what was supposed to happen. Yes, we got into the stadium and had a great time. The game was incredible and everything I dreamed of. The energy in there was unreal as it was the last league game before the Copa Libertadores final. The seats were also amazing. You are right behind the goal ground level in a standing GA section. The fans were friendly and singing the entire time. All in all, the experience was good but I think I was expecting more by paying for this Homefans experience. I thought the point is a local fan is supposed to guide you before, during, and after the game and we didn't really get that. Maybe if Fran was able to go it would have been different. It is also pretty pricey but Boca has a lot of demand. We still got tickets to the game, which I couldn't have found elsewhere, and got to meet some other tourists with the same interests. I just wanted to write this if you are interested in going and can relate to my perspective.
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Rob Woltering

Fantastic experience. The pre-match experience was the beste ever. The whole area La Boca is om the streets eating and drinking and Fran Made is part of it. The stadium is the best i have ever been. Fran is a really Nice guy who is en true fan of Boca. Hé knows the way and Made the experience perfect! A big recommandation to go with him to Boca!!

Rob Bouw

This was a bucket list thing and it did not disappoint. We got the full experience: walking to the stadium, drinking and eating in the neighborhood, singing, jumping and feeling like a local and Boca fan. Only the score disappointed but everything else was amazing. I would highly recommend Fran if you want to enjoy el superclassico the way you should: on La Popular!


A great experience with Fran and Boca fans. Amazing atmosphere before, during and after the game. Fran is knowledgable about Arg league and Boca, a fan himself. I recommend it and would do it again when in Burnos Aires.