Are you looking for the best football tour for your Buenos Aires itinerary? In Buenos Aires, football is more than just sport. It’s an experience that concentrates locals’ defining characteristics: passion, intensity, loyalty, and camaraderie. And when a football match gets underway an impressive spectacle begins up in the stands. Experiencing a football match is a must for your travel itinerary whilst being in Buenos Aires.

There, the drums, flags, whistles, applause, and the sea of arms moving in time with supporters’ chants and songs create an incredible, unparalleled atmosphere, arguably one of the best in the beautiful game. Many of the songs speak of love for the club, but others express the glory of a win, the euphoria of a last-minute goal, the pain of defeat, or anger at a referee’s decision.

Buenos Aires: the city with the most football stadiums in the world

Everyone in Buenos Aires has a team. It’s something as crucial as having a name and a national ID number in Argentina. When asked, “De qué cuadro sos?” (What team do you support?), there has to be an answer. Many make the choice based on the neighborhood where they live, others based on the family tradition, but a choice has to be made, and the choice is for life.

Buenos Aires is the city with the most football stadiums in the world. It’s probably the city with the most improvised pitches for amateur games too, and international sensations such as Diego Maradona, Roman Riquelme, Sergio Aguero, and Lionel Messi can trace their origins back to the street game, commonly known as “picado” locally, played on spontaneously assembled pitches in squares and parks throughout the city.


The Superclásico

For travelers lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires at the right time, the biggest event of the football (soccer) calendar is the “Superclásico”, the intense derby fought by archrivals Boca Juniors and River Plate, Argentina’s two most popular teams. These two teams clash at least once a year, and the second the referee blows the whistle for kick-off, Buenos Aires comes to a standstill, while inside the stadium, the stands begin to vibrate to the rhythm of the ball, a once in a lifetime experience.

Buenos Aires football tour

Teams to watch in Buenos Aires

With so many clubs to see, it can be overwhelming selecting the best clubs to visit in Buenos Aires – even worse, how to see them all in one period. Football is by far the most popular spectator sport in Argentina, and many of the country’s top-flight teams are based in Buenos Aires. As well as Boca Juniors in the incredible La Bombonera and arch-rivals River Plate in El Monumental, major teams include San Lorenzo (Pope Francis’s favorite team), Veléz Sarsfield, Argentinos Juniors (Diego Maradona’s first club), and Huracán. Racing Club and Independiente are based in Avellaneda, just to the south of the city limits but are known for very passionate fans.

Our team of experts and locals has curated the perfect match day experiences filled with football, food, and friendships. With having it comfortably completed in one part of the day, this gives you more time to do other activities. Find the best Buenos Aires football tours on the Homefans platform and experience a match as a local – ready to come with? The best football tours for your Buenos Aires Itinerary are here.