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General FAQs

Why should I outsource my football trip with Homefans?
Because we take care of all the boring and practical things about organizing a football trip. You provide input for the composition of the trip and you are 100% part of the creative process to arrive at the ideal trip together. We work together with clubs and local fans to provide you with an unforgettable football trip. Last but not least: with our network of reliable, experienced local partners and clubs we can arrange things on spot that a traveler normally cannot get arranged quickly.
Do I get any free time?
Part of the experience of travelling is discovering things on your own. We design our itineraries with plenty of time to explore at your own pace, wandering around the city or kicking back on the beach. Check the trip pages and their detailed itineraries to suss out all the information of your football adventure.
Are your football trips safe?
Your football Bucket List often contains adventurous football destinations and matches. At every destination we travel to, we ensure that we can guarantee your safety. We will never send you to an unsafe destination. We also work with clubs and experienced local partners who will always help you in an emergency. With every group trip a team member of Homefans travels with the group and we only choose a destination if we really trust it.
How can you have local knowledge in so many destinations?
By traveling a lot ourselves of course! But certainly not only: our local knowledge comes from a network of carefully selected clubs and fans in all destinations where we offer football trips. These partners know exactly what is fun to do in their country, can arrange a guide or driver anywhere and don't shy away from the challenge of making your Travel Bucket List worthy! We are not a standard football travel agency, we work hard behind the scenes every season to organize unforgettable trips
I’m travelling alone – is that OK?
Absolutely! You will be in good company. 40% of our travelers are solo and love travelling the Homefans way. You’ll have the freedom you want with the added security of travelling in a group.
Are flights included?
We don't include international flights. Our travellers come from all over the world so everyone books their own flights and we all meet on day 1 of the football adventure. We love to help you find you the best flights though so just let our dedicated team know if you want some help by getting in touch via live chat at the bottom right of this page.
Is the whole group seated together in the stadium?
Depends on the destination. Some games are harder than the others and we will try our best to accommodate your group together. We can promise you and your friends will be seated in the same section of the stadium.

Booking & Trip Details FAQ

When will I receive my travel details from Homefans?
About two weeks before departure you will receive your travel details and all information for your football trip from us electronically. The match tickets will be ready at your accommodation for the duration of your trip or one of the Homefans trip leaders will personally hand you the tickets, or they will be sent electronically to you.
I have not yet received any information about my football trip, what now?
E-mail or call immediately. Two weeks before departure, we will send you all the travel details. Haven't received an email? Just call us of ask one of our team members on LiveChat. We ensure that you receive all information on time for your football trip
Is it possible to have a single, triple or quadruple room?
Yes! You can select in the “notes” section which kind of room you want for your group or let our team know. We will do our best to accommodate. But please remember that in some cases there is a surcharge for the change and it is also subject to availability.
What is a pre-match experience?
Pre-match experience is one of the most amazing parts of the trip. Our local hosts will take you to the place where the fans get together for beers and food before the match!
What is a local host?
A local host is your guide for the weekend. He / She is passionate about his club and city, and will take care of you during your stay.
Can I upgrade my hotel?
In most of the trips, you can definitely upgrade your hotel. Just let our team know through our communication channels or in the “notes” section when you book your trip.
When is the date and time of the match confirmed?
Depends on the destination. Usually around 4-6 weeks before the match, but in some cases 1-2 weeks. Our team will let you know as soon as it's confirmed.
Can I bring my kids on the trip?
Yes! People under 18 years old have to be accompanied by someone over their age.
What a match day experience consists of?
Different from a weekend or a 7-10 days trip, match day experiences consist of living the day of the match. We will provide you match tickets and assistance of our local host, who will be taking care of you during the day, bringing to the pre-match experience and the game itself. No need for hotels or other additions.
Are drinks, meals and transportation included in the trip?
Unless stated, meals, drinks and transportation are not included in the package. We do recommend places to eat or drink, but it is up to the traveler to decide if he wants to join. Freedom is key for us!
Can I upgrade my match tickets?
In most of the trips, you can definitely upgrade your match tickets. Please let our team know in the “notes” section or get in touch through our communication channels.
How do we travel to the match? Taxis, Transfer or Public Transportation?
Depends on the destination, but most of the time our groups travel by taxis, private vans (if stated) or public transportation.
Airport transfers are included in the trip?
Depends on the trip. Please read carefully the description to check if this inclusion is there. If not, we encourage you to contact our team with this request so we can book it for you.
Can I purchase individual match tickets from you?
No, we do not offer individual match tickets. The reason for this is that we cannot offer the experiences we stand for. We only organize customized group trips and football trips. We are not a fan of the single ticket sales market and have an appointment with every club to combat black trade.
Can I add a pre-night / post-night to my trip?
Yes, this can be done when making the booking or at a later stage. Contact our team with your request and they will adjust your booking with an extra night. Please be aware that adding extra hotel nights or activities to your booking is not guaranteed for last-minute bookings.
Why do you require my passport details or date of birth?
We have a direct partnership with the clubs and they require this information in order to buy the tickets.
When do I receive my itinerary and how can I communicate with other travelers on the trip?
Around two weeks before the trip, you will receive a Booking Overview, which is the most important of your trip, containing itinerary, hotel and contact details. One week before the trip, our team will create a Whatsapp Group to facilitate communication with the other travelers and our local hosts.
Is it possible to arrange extra games during our trip? I want to take advantage of this football trip:)
Yes! We want you to make the most out of your trip. We will offer you extra matches in every trip that we run.

Payment FAQs

Do I need to pay the total cost upfront?
When confirming the trip you have to make a down payment. Depending on how far in advance you book this is between 20% -40%. You only pay the largest part 2 months before departure. More time to save for your unforgettable football trip!
How can I pay for my trip?
You can easily pay the full amount in one go with Creditcard, IDeal or Paypal.
When should I pay my remaining balance?
You have to clear your balance two months before the trip. Our team will send a payment link so you can pay your balance.
How can I cancel a trip?
If you wish to cancel a trip, please get in touch as soon as possible with our team. We will evaluate your request based on our booking conditions and will get back to you.
I have already paid for the trip but cannot take part last minute. What should I do?
Please contact our team as soon as possible and we will evaluate your request based on our booking conditions.
I’ve paid a deposit, but I can’t make it to the trip. What should I do?
Deposits are non-refundable, but please contact our team straight after you decide not to take part on the trip. We will evaluate your cancellation based on our booking conditions. We will do our best to minimize the loss.

Your Account

How do I create an account?
If you don't have an Homefans account yet, go to homefans.net and click Sign Up. Please select "Normal User" and input your details. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account or Google account. Signing up and creating a Homefans account is free.
How do I edit my account settings or profile?
You can edit the information that appears on your Homefans profile, such as your main profile photo or email address, from your account settings.
What are the requirements to book on Homefans?
We ask everyone who uses Homefans for a few pieces of information before they book. Travelers need to have this info completely filled out before they can make a reservation request. This info helps make sure hosts know who to expect, and how to contact the guest. Homefans' requirements for travelers include: Full name Email address Confirmed phone number Date of Birth Payment information
How do I reset or change my password?
If you've forgotten your password, or you're having trouble logging in to your Homefans account, go to the reset password page. Enter the email address you use for Homefans, then click or tap Send reset link. You'll be emailed a link to reset your password.
How do I change the email address I use for Homefans?
To change the email address you use for your Homefans account: Go to Profile on homefans.net Next to Email Address, enter the email address you want to use Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Your email address can only be associated with one Homefans account at a time. If you get a notification that your email address is already in use but you can't remember your password for that account, you can reset your password.

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