El Super Clasico (known as well as “El Clásico de Clásicos”) is a mighty Mexican matchup between the country’s two most popular and successful teams, Chivas de Guadalajara and Club America. According to Goal, the two sides are the second and third most supported on earth, with Chivas boasting 33.8 million fans worldwide and Club America, 29.4 million.

Both clubs have a massive rivalry, rooted in their contrasting ethos’. Chivas is known as “equipo del pueblo” — a team for the people, by the people, which, to this day, only fields Mexican born players. Club América, on the other hand, is seen as the team for the wealthy – one its nicknames is “Los Millonarios,” or “The Millionaires.” It has a reputation for buying some of the finest talents from North and South America.

With the next Clásico de Clásicos coming up on September 25th at the Estadio Azteca, and with an upcoming matchday experience hosted by our Club América local, Alexis,  we wanted hear the views and anecdotes about the game that divides a nation. On one hand, Alexis, supporting his beloved Club América, and at the other end lies Adrián, talking about his one and only club: Chivas de Guadalajara. 

Alexis (Club América)

What does El Clásico de Clásicos mean to you?

In my opinion, the Clásico is still the most important game in the Mexican League. This is the opportunity where Chivas can save the whole season by winning this match. Every time I see the striped jersey, I want to jump into the field and have no mercy. It doesn’t matter who’s in a better position, a clásico is always a game you need to win. And America must always win!

What is your first memory of a Clásico de Clásicos? 

This might not be my first memory, but it is one of my top memories of this match. It occurred in the Clausura 2004, at the previous Chivas stadium, Estadio Jalisco. Oswaldo Sanchez, who was the usual Chivas goalkeeper, was out because the previous game he had received a red card. This meant that a young Alfredo Talavera made his debut against their biggest rival ever. He was being the MVP for 85 minutes and he even saved a penalty against Cuauhtémoc Blanco, one of America’s biggest idols and one of the best penalty takers in football history (indeed, it was one of the very few penalties he missed in his whole career). The game seemed to be a tie but after Talavera’s safe, America got a corner kick in which Tala didn’t make it to the ball and Reinaldo Navia scored having the goal in his back! The result was 0-1 for America and I will always remember this game as the clásico where America ruined Talavera’s debut.

Any game that you remember fondly that stayed with you?  

As I said before, my favourite America match was the one where we won the Championship, back in 2005. In that season, we had the chance to enjoy one of the best clásico games ever! It was a 3-3 where Pável Pardo, Oscar Rojas and my favourite player ever, Claudio ‘el Piojo’ Lopez, scored! The game was up and down for 90 minutes and Chivas scored in the last minute. Even so, this is one of my top clásico to remember, because at the end of the season America lifted the trophy.

How does a Club América fan live this game? 

I think the tension and pressure are much bigger since America is always obliged to win. It doesn’t matter if we’re at the top of the table; losing a clásico will always be a failure.

How is your match day experience for this match at the Estadio Azteca? 

I always tell my guests that this is a game where I’m really stressed and concentrated. There’s only one thing I enjoy more than winning a clásico and that is celebrating the championship… that’s how important it is for me.  I will host this game on September 25th – you can check out my match day experience here.

On the day we will meet before the match and over a pre-match drink I’ll bring the group up to speed on the match that lies ahead; the history, the recent performances and some predictions for the day.  The area we meet in will be frequented by many home fans so you’ll get to experience the build up just like a local. And hopefully after the whistle blows, we will celebrate surrounded by local fans!

Any score prediction for this game?

3-1 for Club America. Federico Viñas, Roger Martinez and Richard Sanchez will score, and Ochoa will perform excellently as usual, great!

Adrián (Chivas)

Adrián is one of our local hosts in Guadalajara. Check out his profile here.

What does El Clásico de Clásicos mean to you? 

The most important game in the season where pride and passion are at stake. Losing means sadness, deception and anger, the teasing from the family, friends, co-workers, students and neighbours are inevitable during the week. On the other hand, watching my team winning the clásico means redemption, an indescribable feeling of glory and happiness that endures forever in my heart and memory.

What is your first memory of a Clásico de Clásicos? 

When I was 10 years old, my father took me to a clásico. I remember it was so hard to get the tickets; the fans were thrilling and that created a battle atmosphere of rivalry between the fans of both teams. From that moment on, I understood what it means to be loyal to your team.

Any game that you remember fondly and stayed with you?  

The game I remember the most is my first Chivas championship at the Jalisco Stadium when I was 14 years old. My father got our tickets the night before the match and, when we got there, the stadium was fully crowded. The fans were screaming and singing and that made the stadium vibrate. Gusano Nápoles scored 4 goals and Chivas won the final match that ended 6-1 against Toros Neza.

How does a Chivas fan live this game? 

This game is as important as winning a championship. We have always committed with our sacred DNA, which is Mexican-born players only representing Chivas. The club works hard to develop young talents and to recruit the best Mexican players. It’s another opportunity to show to the world that we are doing things right.  America fans, on the other hand are very confident that the team has the best international players and have the feeling that will always win the game and humiliate their popular rival.

How is your match day ritual for this game on September 25th? 

This time, two families get together in my father’s house in Guadalajara city. All dressed up with the sacred Chivas t-shirt, we watch and live the match screaming “GOL” and suffering from failed plays… all of us sharing drinks and snacks. Also, I usually bet with my friends on which team will win.

Any score prediction for this game?

Chivas will win for 2 – 1. No doubt about it!

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