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Created with Sketch. Buenos Aires

Virtual Tour: One of Argentina’s beautiful stadiums – CA Huracán -Estadio Tomás A. Ducó.

22 Reviews






Jose David Zabala Pacheco


Excellent Tour

A great option to know more about Huracán Club and meet new people interesting in Football around the world. An excellent explanation about the history and how the club is called one of the big six of Argentina. Thanks

Martin Warren



Great Host, learnt and saw loads. Very informative with questions and clearly passionate about the Club. Enjoyed this a lot.

Lee Nash


Long live Ringo!

This was my first virtual tour with Homefans, and I was amazed at just how immersive it felt – the host Sofia talked passionately and at length about her beloved Huracán, regaling tales of past heroes and famous fans (including Ringo the Boxer, a former opponent of Muhammad Ali, whose statue can be seen sitting in the stands, puckering up to the opposition). There was also a really touching tribute to Diego Maradona, with his 'throne' taking pride of place within the stadium. The tour made me yearn for adventures of my own, with Buenos Aires now firmly at the top of my list.
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Huracán “el globo”

Muy buen virtual tour, Sofia explicaba muy bien cada paso y demostraba el amor que siente por su equipo. Hay que vivir el clásico vs San Lorenzo definitivamente, debe ser una fiesta. Graciaaaaas!

Paul Nash


A Hidden gem of a club. Great tour.

I have to admit, before the tour I hadn't heard much of CA Huracán compared to some of the other clubs in Argentina so I was really surprised by the tour on Sunday. Sophia gave a great tour, starting outside the ground talking about the area and the murals. Moving up to the stadium, it was plain to see this was a hidden gem of a stadium. It's design was class both inside and out and the view from pitch side was really cool. Was class seeing the Maradona seat inside and the dressing rooms and then to see the far side of the pitch from the stadium beside the statue Ringo was brilliant. Definitely will keep an eye out for CA Huracan again. Sounds like a great club. Thanks!
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