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Hi, my name is Raul_M

Localhost since Aug 19, 2020


I'm passionate about football. My first time at the stadium was 5 years old and I never stopped attending. I celebrated championships, I cried for defeats and victories, I watched some of the greatest players in Brazil and the world. I made great friends who cheer for my team and also for the opposing team, after all sport is peace. At Maracanã, I saw strangers hugging each other while relatives celebrating a goal at the last minute and I saw parents celebrating the first championship with their young son.
I am a history teacher and my idea is to show you how football has been part of our life since the beginning of the century. Flamengo is part of that. It is the most popular team in Brazil with more than 40 million fans. That is why we say that we are a nation and our team is our religion.

Rio de Janeiro ,South America

I speak: Portuguese, english , spanish

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