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Hi, my name is Manuel_R

Localhost since Jun 29, 2020


I´m Manu! Hosting sport fans from around the world in my home town MX City it´s my true passion.

I´ve loved sports soccer since I was a little kid! For years I`ve learned all that´s required to have an amazing experience on the most important Stadiums & arenas in Mexico City!

I´ve followed my soccer team trough México & abroad on different tournaments & that experience has allowed me to provide you now with a full Soccer great experience on my vibrant City just as we locals do.

I´m also an adventure traveler who loves to practice all kind of water sports and enjoy touring with new friends from around the world!


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40 Reviews


Overall great experience! Firstly a big shoutout to Manu!! Who made the trip smooth, organised and a great experience. I am so glad, that i did it via HomeFans. Because Manu made the trip worth it. Manu was organised from the moment of booking. The reason I am glad that I booked with HomeFans was because it would of been a nightmare getting in and out of the stadium. It rained the whole game and my Spanish is very poor. So booking through HomeFans, Manu pick us up, he took us to a local taco shop. For a pre match food and drink. Then we tailgated in the car park, Manu also can take you to the local store to buy match day souvenirs. However a nice touch from Manu, was that he gifted everyone with a Club America Shirt. So it made you feel part of the game. Like I mention it rained the whole game, lucky enough Manu had ponchos at the ready for everyone which was a bonus as myself and my friend didn’t have a rain jacket with us. The game we went to was Club America Vs Chivas (Clásico De Mexico) which is Mexico biggest game. This is the reason why we went. If you’re looking for a fiery rivalry like Boca v River or Inter v AC. Then perhaps you won’t get that at this game. As both sets of fans sit within in each other. However the game itself was a great experience and the atmosphere was decent (even with a heavy rain down pour) and was great to experience visiting the Aztec stadium especially being an England fan 🤦🏻 (World Cup 1986). Hopefully come World Cup 2026 the stadium doesn’t lose it soul. Overall fully recommend this experience and thank you to Manu for looking after us.
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Mohammed Aboustait

The most English stadium experience in Mexico. The stadium is modern tucked in the middle of a suburb neighborhood. The match was excellent, Toluca played very well, and the host, Manu, did a perfect job as always. I enjoyed watching Mexico's Red Devils and witnessing a unique football experience in Mexico.

Mohammed Aboustait

The Best Mexican football match experience that I witnessed! Pumas fans are loud and restless. The stadium is vintage 70's style stadium in very good condition for its age. Gaby and Manu, the hosts did a phenomenal job. I enjoyed the match experience and I was able to get Hugo Sanchez Jerey prior to the game.

Mohammed Aboustait

Azteca was amazing! Manu was Amazing! He ensured that everyone on the experience was having a good time. I enjoyed every moment of the game Only thing America needs to win next time.

Alfonso Lozano

We recently attended the CAZ vs America game with our kids (6 and 8 years old). We used Manu and his crew because of all the great reviews he had. We were a little worried about taking our kids to such a crazy and intense game but we all had a blast. The kids were involved in the game the entire time and they scored 4 out of the 5 goals on our end. It was amazing. Manu and his crew were consistently checking on my wife and kids and put them at ease. The Estadio Azteca is such an amazing place with a ton of history and I wanted my kids to experience it. They loved it. Our driver (Ricardo) picked us up from the hotel and took care of everything. You literally don't have to plan anything. They text you and provide instructions. All you have to do is be ready to get picked up, drink some beers, and talk football. Ricardo took us to a taco spot were we grubbed on some tacos before going into the stadium. The tacos were on point! The only thing that sucked and its not against Manu was the rain (Manu provided panchos) and walking into the stadium. A lot of people are trying to walk into the stadium last minute so they start cutting the line. It got pretty intense amongst the crowd since people were getting fed up with the cutters and started to block their path which squeezed us in like sardines. Ricardo and Benji encircled me and my family and we bullied our way in blocking out all the cutters. This was intense only because we had kids. If it was all adults, we would have not had any problems blocking out the cutters. Manu and Benji who are hardcore CAZ fans said they have never seen anything like this before (in terms of people cutting). Nonetheless we felt safe with Ricardo and Benji guiding us through. Thanks again for the great time! You will not be dissapointed by using them. Manu and his team are great. Great seats as well. Right behind the goal.
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