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3 Reviews

Damien Fallon

Overall it was one of the best sporting experiences of my life. I was looking to experience as close as possible to what the locals do on a match day and that’s exactly what I got. Juan took us through the streets around the stadium to soak up the atmosphere, we stopped on a street close to the stadium where the fans were singing and dancing with their flags and banners! We had time to soak it all up before heading to La Bombonera, the game itself and the atmosphere was spectacular. Juan was the perfect host, I would highly recommend this for all football fans!!
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Nick Scheurwater

Went tot the Boca-Independiente game. Last match of the season, with a chance for Boca to become champions. Had a really great experience with Juan, he was very friendly and gave us a good look in the Boca way of life. We started in a neighbourhood near the stadium where the supporters gathered around. Singing and cheering all time long, it was so cool! Then we walked with al the supporters to the stadium to watch the match. La Bombonera was booming. The fans singing all time long, it was intense! Goosebumps all the time, what a great day! Thank you guys for making this possible!💙💛💙
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Bastien Alberti

Magnifique expérience dans un stade magique et mythique, impossible de passer à côté si on a la chance de visiter Buenos Aires. Merci à Juan pour l’organisation parfaite et ce moment inoubliable.