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Hi, my name is Gabriel_Lobo

Localhost since May 30, 2023


Hello, my name is Gabriel Lobo! I'm a deeply joyful person, always ready to answer your questions, and a great company to have a beer with. I'm here to provide you with the best Brazilian football experience in São Paulo and ensure that you leave with unforgettable memories. Let me make you cheer for Palmeiras, the biggest national champion, and welcome you to our family. Born and raised in a community that breathes Palmeiras, I'm intimately familiar with the vibrant football culture surrounding the club and can't wait to share it with you.

São Paulo ,South America

I speak: Portuguese, English and Spanish

Trips from Gabriel_Lobo

8 Reviews


Last Wednesday I went with Gabriel and two fans from England to the Palmeiras home game against America. It was a perfect evening! Gabriel picked us up at the train station and we immersed ourselves in the celebrating crowds of fans outside the stadium before the game. Entering the stadium with facial recognition was new to me, but it worked smoothly. The atmosphere was cheerful and enthusiastic, which is hardly surprising given the 4-0 win. After the game we had some drinks and a nice chat. Gabriel took care of everything at all times, knows the area around the stadium extremely well and is a great host.
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This was an incredible experience and great event. Had to work ahead of time with our host, Gabriel, on setting up accounts and registering due to local security protocol, Gabriel helped us all the way. As match day approached, Gabriel was super responsive and informative to ensure we had everything we needed, including details such as what color jerseys to wear so not to clash with other local teams. I was travelling in a party of 4, and two other people joined us on the day which was fine for us. I had my young son, 13, and older father with us, so was very nervous about the safety aspect but I could immediately see we were in good hands with Gabriel, not only super knowledgeable about the team and game, but our welfare and whole experience. Would recommend this experience for anyone looking to be a part of a local game in South America, once a life time for us !
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I had a great evening together with Gabriel and the other participants at the Palmeiras game. It was a really great experince. Everything was well organized. The meeting, transport, pregame with food and beer and the match. And Gabriel also helped with transport back to my hotel. Our game was moved to a different stadium futher away from the city, but that was not a problem and it was a great experince. I can recommend this experience to everybody who wants to experience a football game in Brazil.
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Gabriel was awesome and more than patient with us throughout the night even though a few things didnt seem to go perfectly. First, our uber got stuck in traffic behind a broken down car, then we got dropped off at a bus station instead of a metro station. I would highly suggest just taking the metro and avoid driving there. Gabriel came and found us so we werent wandering around. We had awesome sandwiches and beers pregame on the street. Then, going in my facial recognition didnt work so he was great in helpful fix that situation with the stadium staff. All things out of his control but he was great in fixing it. The game itself was really fun watching them win 5-0. Would love to go again.
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Robert Maylin

Had an absolutely evening with Gabriel watching Palmeiras win this derby game 5-0. He was such a good host, totally looked after the group from start to finish and made this game an even more enjoyable experience. Loved the fact I felt like I could ask him anything to do with Brazilian football and he was happy to answer. Also great having a couple of beers and some local food before the game as well. Awesome night from start to finish, thank you so much Gabriel.
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