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This is a proper football experience!!! Picked up from a local hotel/hostel then taken to a place were locals meets for beers and food, also the chance to buy tops and other merch from the street sellers. 10 minute walk to the ground. We were there in plenty of time to take in the atmosphere. Seats were perfect, right next to the Ultras/Singing Section. After the match back to where we were dropped off and another beer. Then back into the mini bus and back to hotel. Everything ran like clockwork!!! Cant recommend this enough if you are a football fan and want to see a match in Medellin.
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Thank you very much for an amazing experience Andrés. You were a fantastic host from start to finish. I was picked up along with fellow fans and enjoyed a few beers. The atmosphere in the stadium was brilliant and I loved every moment. Good luck in the future mate.

Mecit Satmis

Amazing experience and very lucky to hear about this tour so short before the big game AN-DIM. The pregame meeting with face painting and chanting the club songs was extremely fun and the atmosphere during the game was incredible.

Alan Dixon

A great match experience with Andres! Pre game with the group was great fun and then inside the stadium was fantastic! Thanks Andres!

Steven Lindley

I went to a game and had a brilliant night. I agree with everything on the other review. I'd also like to add it was all so well organised and thank you for an excellent memory