Bringing people together through Sports

Homefans is an online marketplace allowing local sport fans to share their passion for their club with traveling fans, by hosting unique sports experiences.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the tours and activities space in the sports industry, changing the way people discover and book things to do before and during their travels for once in a lifetime sports bucket list experiences.

Thousands of travelers have used Homefans to turn their sports bucket lists dreams into reality with the local touch – and we’re just getting started.

How did Homefans start?

Experiencing sports beyond the 90 minutes is at the heart of everything we do at Homefans. Founded by Luke and Daniel in 2016, because of the lack of experiences and travel mix-up sparked a revolutionary approach to watching football.

When Luke traveled a few years ago to Manchester to see his favourite club Manchester United live, he spent his time wandering the streets, not knowing where to go or what to do in Manchester. He often ended up with his family or friends at touristic routes and the only highlight of the weekend would be the match. It wasn’t until Luke met locals to be able to fully experience his club beyond the 90 minutes in the stadium. It was memories throughout the weekends that stood with him and the friends he made during the weekends.

Back at home, with a defined vision for the future, our founders decided to change the world of football travel. The result? A platform that gathers the best activities and bucket list trips hosted by locals across the globe, all in one place.

The Homefans Team

Our team is rapidly growing and comprised of international employees that play a vital role in our success. Our employees come from all corners of the worlds and beyond and bring their own twist to the team. We are a diverse and enthusiastic team who loves to travel around the world to watch sports and passionately believe in the spirit of sharing travel adventures together.

Our Management Team

Luke Verbeek
Founder & CEO

Daniel Velasquez
Co-Founder & COO

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