Let us all embrace diversity. No two football fans are the same, so we all have different reasons to go on a football trip. Some might want to explore a new country along with the football, others are focused primarily on a certain city and the (football) culture it offers. Purists will be hoping to see a match of decent quality whilst they are away, whereas the fun-lovers might only really be concerned about the quality of the local pubs and pints, preferably without breaking the bank.

The choices don’t stop there either. Will, you set off alone or in a group? And how about your destination? Will it be just a short trip or a long-haul flight? In this blog, we will show that we have a football trip for everyone! We will point out eight categories: company, price, match intensity match level, the destination, travel time, and travel duration. Some of them are self-explanatory, others might require a little bit more clarity. We will go over them all and offer an example per category.

I. Company

This one is up to your own tastes. Do you like to go away solo, or is your journey a group trip with your friends? In either case, booking with Homefans will connect you with a small group of fellow travellers and leave you to choose: go by yourself or stay with the group? The one thing we find is that people who like to travel by themselves, tend to have a better time at the smaller clubs. Our trip to Scotland, for example, would be very suitable for who wants to go somewhere alone to make friends there. Spend five minutes in a Glasgow pub. People will talk to you and, more importantly, people will talk to you about football.


‘That’ll be twenty-six pounds and forty pence please.’ Scarcely attempting to hide their horror, football supporters in London are all too accustomed to hearing this phrase for having the audacity to order four bog-standard pints of lager in the British capital. Maybe foreign visitors will find that amount easier to swallow if the Brexit mess will lead to the pound plummeting even further. For now, London still remains an expensive destination in all regards. If you want to go somewhere that is easier on your wallet, we would recommend football in Eastern Europe. Why would you not join us to Prague or Krakow, for example? We are not saying you won’t wake up with a headache, just that it won’t be because of your bank account!

III. Intensity

Some of the games we attend can get rather rowdy. If that is what you like, then, by all means, join us to Krakow, or to Argentina if you feel particularly adventurous. Even though we would not offer unsafe destinations, taking in the Krakow derby is an intense experience and it may well not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to witness a heated affair, we have them aplenty, the aforementioned destinations being just a few of them. For a more regular view on everyday football life, you can come back to Krakow on a non-derby day. If you don’t really like tempers rising too much, we obviously have you sorted. Matches in London and other UK cities, except a few big derby days, tend to pass by without major incident, leaving peaceful surroundings in which to take in the local football culture.

IIII. Level of football

Some people do not care, others do. Whether or not a good football trip requires a game at a decent level is completely op to your personal taste. We have you covered either way. Our trips range from fantastic match-ups involving some of the finest teams and players world football has on offer on one end to the scale, to games hardly meriting a professional football status for quality on the other. Fancy seeing Joao Felix and Lionel Messi battle it out in Madrid? Then join us at Atlético v Barça. Just wanting an intense derby game rather than a good game of football? We have a trip to Újpest v Ferencvárosi in Budapest, for example. You decide!

V. The destination

Those poor Liverpool fans. Yes, even if you follow the Champions of Europe, sometimes you deserve some empathy. It is 23:30 local time in Genk and they are stranded outside the Luminus Arena. Even if they somehow get back to Genk city centre, four miles away on foot, they will have little to do. They care little. Eventually, they make their way back and take place in one of the two pubs that remain open to looking back on an enjoyable evening. If your team win 4-1 away from home all the time, it matters little where in the world you are. Some travellers might care a bit more. All of our destinations can offer a few good days out, but it is up to you to decide whether to visit an industrial city with a rich footballing tradition, or a booming metropolis where the football is only one thing on offer in a wide selection. Will it be Schalke 04 from football-mad Gelsenkirchen, or Hertha BSC from Berlin, a cultural hotspot in every sense of the word? You decide!

VI. Travel time

People who travel are to be split into two categories. One set of travellers want their journeys smooth and quick. They like to be somewhere else, but not necessarily like to go somewhere else. Travel for them is best done by plane, by quick connections, and to central, easily reachable places. To others, the journey is simply part of the whole experience, every bit as fun as a night out in a bar or club in your destination.  If you are one of the people in the first group, you are best advised to book something in a major city. Places with easy transport connections to the rest of the world, often just one public transport ride away from football grounds. If you are known to enjoy arduous trips, try a bus in Rome. Don’t bank on getting anywhere anytime soon, but the adventure is guaranteed!

VII. Travel duration

This one is pretty obvious. For people living in the Netherlands, we even do day trips. A bus will pick you up, drive to a ground in Belgium or Germany, you will see a game, grab a beer or two, and go home. Can’t be bothered with boring motorways? Worry not, our buses are equipped with PS4 consoles. While our driver braves the Autobahn, you can dish out a few thrashings in FIFA 20 if you aren’t too intoxicated! Those road trips are ideal for travellers who love to get away, but simply don’t have a lot of time. Our trips get gradually longer, with most of them being roughly three or four days long, somewhere in Europe. If you have a few days’ leave to spare and want to do something that will stick with you for life? Join us to South America. Taking in the beautiful game in Argentina or Brazil is not something you will forget lightly!

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