Welcome to Glasgow

The Glasgow derby, commonly referred to as the Old Firm derby, is one of the oldest and most complex rivalries in world football. When these two meet in the Old Firm, it’s not just about football. It’s about politics, religion, and differing social attitudes. To call this one a mere disagreement between two religious divides would be to massively under-sell Britain’s biggest derby: Old Firm between Rangers and Celtic is something else.

Always wanted to travel to Glasgow with your friends to experience the rivalry between Rangers and Celtic live at Ibrox? Make the most of your visit to Glasgow and experience the derby the local way with Rangers fans. One of the most intense rivalries in Europe, this is your chance to see Rangers v Celtic.


We know the world’s best bits, so your football travel adventure will always be immersive and authentic, and your accommodation hand-picked. Our locals and guides know their destinations and football culture better than anyone, so get off the beaten path with access to a local experience that truly connects you to the destination. We take all the hassle out of travel planning for you. Match tickets? Good accommodation? Local? Sorted.

This weekend includes:

  • Official Match Ticket Rangers v Celtic (Long Side)
  • Private Stadium Tour Ibrox
  • One night in 3* accommodation in Glasgow
  • Pre-match experience
  • Trip Manager & Local Host

Good to know

Remember, flights aren’t included for this trip. We’re happy to assist in finding the best options for you. We advise booking flights when the match is confirmed, this is approximately 6 weeks before. Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change.


Day 1: Welcome to Glasgow

We will meet you at your accommodation for the weekend with our trip manager. Now it is time either to rest or drop your bags and relax after your journey. On the afternoon we will start this great weekend with a private tour at the legendary Ibrox Stadium together with Rangers FC.

Have a look behind the scenes why this is such a great club & learn more about the rivalry with Celtic. A great start to your football weekend in Glasgow. After that you'll enjoy a private stadium tour at Ibrox.

Day 2: Match Day!

If only it were possible to explain what it feels when a young supporter of Rangers FC or Celtic FC goes to their first Old Firm game. Sometimes there are no words. However, when it matters so much, when a club is such a big part of anyone’s life, then that’s you for life and there will be times when nothing else exists. Old Firm is the perfect example. This derby is still the biggest match in the world of football.

Experience the Old Firm through the eyes of Rangers fans at the legendary Ibrox Stadium and be part of a unique atmosphere in Glasgow. A once in a lifetime experience.

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Do I have to pay the full amount immediately?

No, that’s not mandatory. You also have the option of paying a deposit of 30% to reserve your spot. The remaining balance must be paid 4-6 weeks prior to the trip. Don’t worry, you will be reminded by our team.

Can I join this trip solo?

Of course! In fact, we welcome a lot of solo travelers on our travels. Our groups consist of a mix between solo travelers and small groups of friends.

Can I join with friends or family?

Yes, of course that’s possible! If there’s availability, it’s always possible to travel with your friends or family. If you want to travel with a larger group, we provide the option of creating a tailor-made football trip. For this you can contact our customer service on info@homefans.net

Do I have free time during the trip?

Certainly! As much as and when you want. We understand better than anyone that our travelers demand free time. We take this into account when compiling our journeys. One prefers to sleep a little longer as he likes to discover the nightlife whilst the other wakes up early to do some sightseeing in the morning. Your choice!

Is participation in all activities compulsory?

No, it’s not compulsory. At the end, it’s your journey/holiday, so you decide how you spend your time. We carefully select all activities with the aim of allowing our travelers to experience the best football experience, therefore we highly advise to take part. We provide the opportunity, but ultimately you decide whether or not to participate in the activities.

How large will the group be?

We aim to have groups of a minimum of 4 and maximum for 12 people in order to give the best personal experience. This can diverge due to availability.

Can I meet my fellow travelers in advance?

Yes, that’s possible! About a week before the trip we create a Whatsapp group with all the travellers of your trip, Homefans and the local host. This Whatsapp group will be used as the primary communication channel. You can meet all the other travellers and ask questions regarding the destination or trip.

What is the role of the local host during the trip?

Our local is your guide during the trip. He/she is a passionate fan of the home club and knows the city like his back pocket. He can tell you stories about the club and destination, and can answer your questions. A few hours before the match, our local host will take you to a typical place where fans have a beer or two prior the match. He will let you experience the match through the eyes of a local.

The local host is also the first contact person on behalf of Homefans. If you have any questions during the trip, you can contact him. Of course, we will be able to assist you via the Whatsapp group.

Is the whole group sitting together in the stadium?

Yes, 9 out of 10 times we have the whole group seated together side by side. If this is not possible, we make sure you are at least seated with your friends/family you booked with.

What kind of accommodation will I stay in?

Our standard is to handpick an accommodation with at least 3 stars preferably centrally located. We make sure you always sleep in a safe, secure and hygienic location. Do you have special wishes for your trip or do you want to know which accommodation you’ll stay in during your trip? Feel free to contact us on info@homefans.net

Is it possible to visit multiple matches during my trip? I want to make optimum use of my journey

Yes, if it’s possible we make sure to inform and provide you with the opportunity to experience multiple matches. If you already have a specific match/club in mind at the destination, please let us know via info@homefans.net

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