After reading several thrilling stories about the passion of Argentine football, I decided to book a trip. It was my intention to see as many different games as possible, and I was happy to watch as many as 10 games! Homefans included three fixed games in their trip, but also gave me the opportunity to add extra.

In the end, home games of Boca Juniors, CA Huracán and San Lorenzo were the three chosen by Homefans, and the optional extras included Estudiantes, Argentinos Juniors, Tigre, Gimnasia and River Plate. Some were played at the same time, so you could choose your favorite club.

Importantly, tickets for the games are not easy to get on matchday, when you are not an official “socio”. Local guides are therefore central to the trips organized by Homefans. Typically, these are fans of the home teams, and they can tell you everything about their club. They picked you up at the hotel, arranged a pre match drink and food session, got you into the stadium and stayed with you for the whole time. This of course is a welcomed extra addition to the matchday experience, and was most appreciated.

Homefans also organized some other activities, such as a Buenos Aires tour and some specific stadium visits in which you would get a guided tour. One day was reserved for a trip by boat to Montevideo, in Uruguay, in which three amazing stadiums were visited – with a guided tour for two of them. The guided tours were specifically done for us, and very impressive.

With respect to the football experience, I must say that my expectations were surpassed. In all stadiums, fans were very passionate, and their songs and drumming hold on for the whole match and are done by large groups of “socios”.

Away supporters are not allowed in the Argentinean leagues, so all fans support the local team. In the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, there are away supporters, and at Estudiantes vs. Nacional Montevideo there were lots of Uruguayans making noise. In this game, the fans were even more passionate, and produced a tremendous number of decibels.

The stadiums (including the smaller sides) are all huge and unique, and very appealing to football followers who like classical designs. They are all different, and are in no way comparable to the ones in Western Europe! Overall, a must-visit experience, for any football fanatic.

Written by Jack Offens